Saturday, September 6, 2014

Missing Joan Rivers!

Joan Rivers, will be missed----probably more so by your manager, and  people whose bills you paid. I didn't like her TV show on E, of Fashion Police, but I miss her style of humor. She said what we were all thinking. Her style of humor was ageless, funny, brash, often crass, hilarious, and she made it BIG in a business dominated by men.
Joan Rivers was born in 1933, died of surgery complications, in 2014.

She was a voice that we needed to hear. Yeah, sure some of her jokes were downright cruel, but she was incredibly funny. She joked about herself and other women. Somehow she managed to make growing older a funny thing, not something we all should not do and we should not enjoy. No one was safe when it came to Joan Rivers, she even made fun of Michelle Obama, abortions, giving birth, suicide, and plastic surgery.

Joan Rivers was so funny,  I loved watching her seemingly weekly appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. That is until she got her own show on FOX, and Johnny would not talk to her anymore. Talk about childish behavior!

I miss her style of humor because she was one of the only people, who said what was politically incorrect, and made it funny. She made fun of herself, which many comedians do not do. I also liked Kathy Griffen until  she started sounding like a bossy, rabid dog on stage.

Meanwhile I have learned , that Rivers was worth 150 million dollars when she died. I am almost certain her estate will grow exponentially in the next few months, due to her name being out there so much. After Michael Jackson died, his upcoming, heartbreaking money issues were over as his movie, and his songs sold record levels, making him worth more in death than in life. I also found out that Joan Rivers made more money on her line of jewelry than on her stage shows during the last years of her life.

All I can say is Joan Rivers, you will be missed---because underneath that overmade up , over Botoxed exterior was a heart of gold! Copyright (c) 2014!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mick Jagger Had Sex With 4,000 Women!

70 year old Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger is a major womanizer and a possible sex addict.There I said it. It's out there. In a book written in 2012, by Christopher Andersen, the snarky details of Mick Jagger's lifestyle come pouring out.

Things you might not know about Jagger, or maybe you really did want to know that he has had sex with over 4,000 women, had 7 kids with 4 women, that we know of, and would not give the mother of his first child, Karis any money. UGH! Back in the later 1960's and 1970's  Mick refused to give the mother of his first child any money, until Mick became older and perhaps wiser.

After reading the book MICK, I was seriously thinking of writing a book all about Mick Jagger's sexual dalliances.He had sex with  over 4,000 women! Mick Jagger had sex according to the book MICK, with famous men, that I'm not naming because I have some standards after all. He even had sex with the Nanny , while Jerry Hall was breastfeeding their new baby in the next room!

After Jerry Hall, (Mick's second wife), divorced Jagger, she started saying more about Mr. Jagger. She and Keith Richards tried to get him to go into sex therapy for his sexual addiction problem.
Jerry Hall and many of his other women said he would have sex many times in one day.

Where he got all of that energy from is beyond me! Copyright (c) 2014!