Friday, November 4, 2011

The Top Five Most Obnoxious Celebrities of 2012, or The OH NO Awards by Kate Johns

Imagine a glittering array of stars gathered at an old, renovated theatre in California. Stretch your imagination even further thinking of perhaps someone with a great sense of humor such as Eddie Murphy, or Ellen De Generes, or perhaps the guy from talk Soup, Joel Mc Hale handing out the awards to the star studded celebration of the most obnoxious celebrity awards.

Screw it, we will just call it  the OH NO Awards for short. I have compiled a short list of names of the most obnoxious celebrities for the year 2012. By the way, this was an easy list to create. First, because it is a short list, just five celebrities. And second  because it was literally so easy to think of five celebrities that are so obnoxious right off the top of my head.

Without further ado, and with a drumroll,-----

The Top Five Most Obnoxious Celebrities of 2012; the OH NO Awards-------

1. Without a doubt the number one OH NO award has to be given to Kim Kardashian. She divorced her husband, Kris Humphries after just 72 days. Then, she couldn't keep her commitments, leaving Australia to go home to California, (to receive her OH NO, of course),and hide from the speculative, and quite possibly shocked media. Continually fending off the press and answering questions like, "Do you think you really gave your marriage your all Kim?" Next in line could be her mom, Kris, for pushing her book about the Kardashians the week this incredible news broke. But, she's not, (this time). Kind of makes me think of Heidi Klum sitting  near the lit runway on her reality TV show saying in her German accent, "You will either be in or you will be out."

2. Lindsay Lohan is next on the most obnoxious celebrities list because she has been in court so many times this year. She's been in court so many times this year, that she is now more famous for going to court, facing seriously short jail terms, than she is for the movies she has starred in , such as "Mean Girls." But seriously folks, Lindsay needs to get her act together, because at just 25 years old, she's looking older than her age suggests, and she probably needs to make money to make bail.

3. The next OH NO award goes to--------Lady Gaga. Had to put her in the number three spot, not because she did or wore anything super outrageous this year, but remember that horrible  meat dress episode? Even though Lady Gaga, who is 27, sells albums like crazy and totally rocks it, she is obnoxious. Lady Gaga is a younger version of Madonna who will do anything for instant fame, including wearing strange hats, meat dresses, and messing with our heads, as to what her exact sexuality really is.

4. Ke$ha is way over the top obnoxious. Ke$ha compeltely embodies the OH NO awards, because she makes almost every mom say, "Oh no", whenever they see her! But sorry to say, there's only room for one celeb at the top of the OH NO awards. Ke$ha is just plain and simply obnoxious. She only wears long shirts, sans the pants. Her songs are truly meant for pop radio because they are so pop-like, but without any talent. Come on even Betty White can pick up a mike and sing to auto tune, making her sound like a hot songstress.

5. Tom Cruise has really toned it down this year. But, I just can't get that image out of my head of Tom jumping on Oprah's couch on TV acting all crazy! Even though, Tom Cruise looks great for his age, 49, by the way, he starred in the movie, "Rock of Ages," and I'm thinking he is too old to be starring in a movie about a rock star. Or is that the point; an older actor portraying an aging, but still in shape singer? Tom Cruise just strikes me as being too much of a poser. He doesn't seem to live life, he just has to be the center of attention.

There they are---the five most obnoxious celebrities for 2012. Can't wait to see who will be the top five OH-NO, most obnoxious celebrities of 2013! Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a freelance writer, who started her career writing greeting card sayings in 2004!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian should star on reality TV dating show by Kate Johns

I've got a great idea! Why doesn't Kim Kardashian star on one of those dating reality TV shows?
At first I thought of this as a joke, but in reality, it does seem Kim needs dating/relationship help.

Hello-----her marriage only lasted for 72 days! That's still not as short as the what was it 72 hours Britney Spears was married to an old high school flame, but it still does count.

Yes, Kim K, needs dating help. Currently on TV there are numerous reality TV dating shows, one is called, "Millionaire Matchmaker", another is, "Why am I still single?"
These two reality TV shows are funny, startling, blunt, and sometimes these two TV shows do help single people find their future spouses.

So what does dating help have to do with Kim Kardashian?
It has everything to do with Kim. She obviously needs help making comittments, living with soemone else, and sharing. Kim needs help realizing that marriage is a serious thing, not to be laughed off as a publicity stunt.

Seriously, I am being serious with this blog post.

Kim needs an expert to help her find a man who can handle being in a relationship with her. Kim K. also is a millionaire who can call the shots, do what she wants and has people at her beckon, booty loving call.

Unless, Kim K. wants to spend an eternity living alone, with paid lackeys doing her bidding, she needs to find relationship help or therapy, (there's another reality TV show, Dr. Drew), right now.

Besides if she starred on a relationship reality TV show, then Kim stands to gain more respect from her core reality TV show audience. Gaining more publicity, Kim would make more millions to add to her overstuffed coffers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian divorce no real surprise by Kate Johns

With the recent news that Kim Kardashian's super quickie marriage ended in divorce after just 72 days, we regular human beings really should not be surprised. Kim Kardashian is not known for her strong moral character. She made a sex tape, suddenly skyrocketed into instant fame.

It should come  as no real surprise to any of us mere mortals, who have not starred on a reality TV show, that Kim and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce. The only person who seems to be surprised by all this is Kris himself, who found out he was getting a divorce when he heard it in the media. I kind of,  feel sorry for the former basketball player . How would you like to find out you're getting a divorce on TV, or seeing your spouse's name emblazoned on a well known website such as TMZ, or Yahoo?

The entire Kardashian clan is truly not known to be a talented bunch. The Kardashian's have not written poetry, books, or famous hit songs, that we know of. They have not starred in movies, or made money the old fashioned way, by working "real jobs." The Kardashians really have only starred in three reality TV shows. Their mother, Kris, is the Kardashian clan's manager and has been managing her kids into the stratosphere of money making reality TV history.Guessing, their mom, Kris is the talent-- laden member of the family.

After many comments of the specifics of Kim's divorce filing Halloween morning, I came to the conclusion that many other people also think the Kardashian's are an untalented bunch. "money hungry ho," and "sex tape star," were bantered about.

Therefore, it really should come as no surprise to anyone that Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce after just 72 days of marriage. But what gets me is that with Kim getting a divorce after a super short marriage, what message does this send to impressionable young people? Millions of people watch the Kardashian reality TV shows. Millions of young women, and young girls think life is supposed to be this way. After watching The Kardashian's TV shows, and also other reality TV shows, anyone would think that life is meant to be an easy one of not going to college, not working a job, but starring in sex tapes, and making bad rap songs are everyones' claim to fame.

Possibly if we regular people stop watching the Kardashian's TV shows, and we do not buy their clothing lines, or colognes, then they will quietly disappear. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented freelance writer who started her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.