Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ten Ways to act like a Celebrity by Kate Johns

I found an article on Yahoo written about the star Kevin James. Yahoo had 11 pictures showing Kevin James' house. My first thought was, "Who the hell is Kevin James, and why should I care?" But curiosity got the best of me, and I looked at the pictures of his house. I was shocked seeing the house Kevin James lived in cost millions and millions of dollars. 

It was a mansion built on a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape, and other mansion-like homes. Kevin James in not a super recognizable, good looking ultra in shape kind of star, like Will Smith, and he owns a mansion overlooking the hills of California?
After seeing Kevin James in his TV show, The King of Queens, and starring in several movies,(Mall  Cop), we can only imagine what kind of mansion Will Smith lives in.

Someday you might have to b.s.your way into a Hollywood movie set acting all important-like to get that acting gig, so here are the ten ways to act like a celebrity:

1.Rent a large mansion-like home for a week or two. It will cost mega bucks,so get ready to lay down some cash. Giving the appearance of having money, usually impresses other people into thinking you are rich, doing well, that you are a leader, and that you are a confident person. People want to hang with other people who have money.

2.To act like a celebrity you must wear expensive looking clothing. Either rent expensive clothing for a day or two, borrow from someone else, or buy the more expensive stuff at estate sales, thrift shops, or even on the Internet.

3. Get a big attitude. Talk loudly. Be boisterous. Acting like a star is not for shy minded people. You must put on an act of acting like someone you really are not. We have seen many movies where people act like a wealthy person, like a woman, or like a celebrity when in fact they are not.

4.Talk about yourself in third person like successful, rich athletes do. Kate Johns has written it all. Kate Johns wrote this piece on how to act like a star when in fact she is not.Copyright 2013!

5.Surround yourself with personal assistants who do all of your bidding. Walk around looking like you are continually looking for something while you tell your personal assistants what to do. You can also carry an iPhone around telling Suri what to do for you, "Suri, remind me to pick up dinner later on today."Copyright 2013.

6. Act like a celebrity by tweeting what you just did on Twitter. Tell your followers what exclusive parties you are hanging at, what time you got home last night, how your design business is doing.

7.Take pictures of yourself, posting them to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and every social media outlet you can. Only post pictures of yourself posing with a large group of people, with an alcohol drink in your hand. Post pics of your new car, or could that be new cars?

8.Never, ever take pictures of yourself with a star looking like you are a fan. Then you will look like a fan and not a star. However do take pics of your famous self with stars dancing at a club. Remember you have to have several stars in this pic, and you can't look super happy, but you must have more of a smug look

9.Everywhere you go, smile, look people in the eye, say Hello, and keep smiling. It's called working the crowd. When you go out with friends, are having a business meeting, or when you are going to a networking event, keep smiling, looking confident and self assured.

10. Take pictures of yourself lounging in a lounge chair, sipping a drink, looking happy and relaxed as you soak up the sun, on a well known beach. You never know you might just be asked, "Who are you?"

Act like a celebrity by wearing big sunglasses, a big floppy hat, color your hair ultra bright blonde, or four colors at once, and walk like you have to be some place like yesterday! And you also must carry your iphone with you continually checking for messages, having people take your picture, and continually scroll on your phone while you eat a meal---in a public place. Copyright 2013!!By the way copyright means you are not entitled to steal, use, grab, take, post, or reblog my awesome article.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top ten most highly over paid American jobs by Kate Johns

Here is my take at the top ten most over paid jobs in America:

1. Highly over paid actors make the job of acting in front of several cameras and a crew of numerous people, look easy.Why not Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore have made millions starring in movies. Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid sitcom star to date. 

2. Successful rock stars---how easy is standing on a stage having adoring fans watching you act like a major poser? People love you, follow you everywhere you go and wait on your every need. How hard is it to write songs with lots of rhymes and pop tart tastes? Who wouldn't love having groupies throw themselves at you, have people tell you they love you and have them do whatever you desire?

3. Hugely successful sports athletes---REALLY!! Do we sports fans really need to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in uncomfortable seats at sports games like basketball, or football to pay highly paid hugely successful salaries of sports stars? Isn't it bad enough we have to pay 20 bucks to park our cars in a lot for three hours while paying way too much money for stale popcorn and watered down over priced beers?

4. Anything Jennifer Lopez does---Let's face it, ever since Jennifer Lopez has been on American Idol, she has been a super sought after star. She makes it look easy being Jennifer Lopez and she made Forbes list of highest paid women last year, beating out just about every other successful woman.

5. Anything Tiger Woods does. Ever since Tiger Woods became a household name denoting shame, he has been the talk of the town. Highly successful pro golfer, Tiger Woods divorced his wife Elin, still holding on to his millions, has gone on to win a few golf matches, championships, and is now dating another blonde, skier Lindsey Vonn.

6. Football quarterbacks for well known Superbowl winning teams. With football teams paying their winning quarterbacks millions per year, it kind of makes regular people like you and me, wish we could throw a ball through the air for a couple of years.

7. Vice President of the United States. Exactly what does the Vice President of the United States do? Besides making 230,700 dollars a year to act snarky, appear at state dinners and live for free in a house appointed to him, it looks like an easy gig. All you have to do is smile a lot, act like a buffoon, argue defensively in debates, and sit next to the president at major functions.

8. Being Jon Bon Jovi---At last count, Jon Bon Jovi and his band sold an astounding 130 million albums. Almost everyone young and old alike know who Bon Jovi is, have seen him perform live, and think he is a great guy. Jon Bon Jovi makes it look easy to be a rock star, doesn't answer stupid questions, because come on, he's Bon Jovi, why should he?

9. Being an ex president of the United States. Here's one you probably never thought of, being an ex president. Sitting presidents make pretty good jinge---$400,000 a year. But once a president steps down he makes even more money. Look at Bill Clinton for example. He wasn't a millionaire before he was a president. After he served his two four year terms, he became an instant millionaire.Bill Clinton is still one of the most sought after speech makers in the world. He commands hundreds of thousands per speaking gig.Copyright 2013

10. Being a famous person's kid. It doesn't suck being Mick Jagger's, Bono or Bill Clinton's kids. Chelsea Clinton recently bought an apartment in New york City for a staggering 10.5 million dollars. Chelsea doesn't even have a job. What about being born into a wealthy family like Donald Trump's kids---his three adult kids all help run Trump's businesses, with Ivanka having already been a model like her mother.

Sucks to have a highly over paid job now doesn't it?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taylor Swift acts sweet and innocent By Kate Johns

Taylor Swift is the real deal Written by Kate Johns
After watching Taylor Swift win award after award in the last few years, I decided I adore Taylor Swift. Whether Taylor is the real deal or not does not matter to me. What matters is that Taylor is one of the only young classy, role models for younger girls, and for women of all ages.

People are making fun of Taylor Swift for acting all sweet and innocent when she wins an award. But, all I have to say is, "Too bad." If Taylor Swift is indeed just acting,well get used to it people, because she is doing something not one other big name singing star is doing right now.

Taylor Swift is acting all sweet and innocent, even though she is now 23 years old. Many other stars and people are being way too hard on this young, talented girl. Does everyone need to think in such a cynical manner? Does every young female star have to show major cleavage, dye their hair in strange colors, wear meat dresses, and scare parents half to death to gain attention? There's something to be said for a star that shows respect, gratitude, talent, and motivation in today's competitive world.

The facts are indeed stunning for Taylor Swift. She started writing songs and playing guitar at the young age of 12, because she needed an outlet for her creativity. What it comes down to is Swift was bullied at school, and she was misunderstood by her peers. She was tall, skinny, pretty, and a daydreamer. She admits to writing songs in her classes when she was very young.

What she did was take her creativity to an entirely new level. At the time her mother was a stay at home mom. Swift's mom obviously believed in her daughter's dream of becoming a successful country singing sensation, because Swift's family moved from Wyomissing Pennsylvania, to Nashville Tennessee when Swift was only 14. Swift was born in 1989, and in 2003, her family picked up and moved. Then by 2006, Swift had a hit song called "Tim McGraw" on her hands; her first record sold 5.5 million copies.

By 2011, Forbes announced that Swift had amassed $35 million dollars in a small fortune.
What it comes down to is Taylor Swift may or may not be "acting" as a young, sweet innocent girl. Besides with Swift showing her true classy self, which people are cynically saying is all an act, then so be it. Swift is one of the only singing stars today acting or staying true to herself as a sweet, innocent person.

Taylor Swift shines as a courageous, talented , fearless young woman who outshines, and outsells many other talented country, and pop stars.