Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thoughts on Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher Divorce by Kate Johns

I have to say something about the Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore breakup.
I'm disgusted.

How's that for an opinion? Makes you think they only got married for the publicity, now doesn't it?
Demi Moore has been married three times, her longest lasting married so far to Bruce Willis. Marriage to Demi, only lasted six years for Ashton Kutcher.

This leads to regular people like you and I who are not millionaires, who work hard for our money, yes so hard for it honey, that big name stars only get married in the first place to further their careers. We regular, non-millionaire types work  hard, and can really only afford to get married once, perhaps twice. We can't afford to cavort around famous night clubs partying the night away. We can't afford to de-stress from our horrid lives of non-work by lying about a beach while a staff of  many waits on our every whim.
Nope. And that's why I am so disgusted with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They got married for the publicity. She was  born in 1962, which means she is 49. and he was born in 1978, meaning he is much younger than she is. What is the age difference, about 16 years?
When they got married six entire years ago, many people were saying she was a cougar, taking in a younger man to prove herself still young, beautiful and full of magical potions stunning a young stud like Ashton.
But what really disgusts me is that this keeps happening. Hollywood types keep getting married, and get divorced in, oh let's say 72 days. Why do they get married at all? Why don't they just stay single and live together? This way, there is no division of assets. Wait a minute, if they just live together won't that mean less publicity?
To become a big name star you have to be willing to go the distance. You have to live life out on the edge. You have to live life like there's no tomorrow.In other words, you have to party like it's 1999. You must see and be seen---that's how a star keeps up the image, connections, and the publicity hounds at bay.
Can't the publicity seeking Hollywood types do something else to get publicity, creating good promotional campaigns besides getting married? How about starting a new business? How about volunteering to create better lives for non-rich types? Why can't their publicity people think of another way to get major publicity for their stars, besides getting hitched, and then summarily divorced?

Maybe wealthy Hollywood types could start out doing Lady Gaga dressing in odd outfits, with strange haircuts, or posing naked in some major magazine.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Top Five Most Obnoxious Celebrities of 2012, or The OH NO Awards by Kate Johns

Imagine a glittering array of stars gathered at an old, renovated theatre in California. Stretch your imagination even further thinking of perhaps someone with a great sense of humor such as Eddie Murphy, or Ellen De Generes, or perhaps the guy from talk Soup, Joel Mc Hale handing out the awards to the star studded celebration of the most obnoxious celebrity awards.

Screw it, we will just call it  the OH NO Awards for short. I have compiled a short list of names of the most obnoxious celebrities for the year 2012. By the way, this was an easy list to create. First, because it is a short list, just five celebrities. And second  because it was literally so easy to think of five celebrities that are so obnoxious right off the top of my head.

Without further ado, and with a drumroll,-----

The Top Five Most Obnoxious Celebrities of 2012; the OH NO Awards-------

1. Without a doubt the number one OH NO award has to be given to Kim Kardashian. She divorced her husband, Kris Humphries after just 72 days. Then, she couldn't keep her commitments, leaving Australia to go home to California, (to receive her OH NO, of course),and hide from the speculative, and quite possibly shocked media. Continually fending off the press and answering questions like, "Do you think you really gave your marriage your all Kim?" Next in line could be her mom, Kris, for pushing her book about the Kardashians the week this incredible news broke. But, she's not, (this time). Kind of makes me think of Heidi Klum sitting  near the lit runway on her reality TV show saying in her German accent, "You will either be in or you will be out."

2. Lindsay Lohan is next on the most obnoxious celebrities list because she has been in court so many times this year. She's been in court so many times this year, that she is now more famous for going to court, facing seriously short jail terms, than she is for the movies she has starred in , such as "Mean Girls." But seriously folks, Lindsay needs to get her act together, because at just 25 years old, she's looking older than her age suggests, and she probably needs to make money to make bail.

3. The next OH NO award goes to--------Lady Gaga. Had to put her in the number three spot, not because she did or wore anything super outrageous this year, but remember that horrible  meat dress episode? Even though Lady Gaga, who is 27, sells albums like crazy and totally rocks it, she is obnoxious. Lady Gaga is a younger version of Madonna who will do anything for instant fame, including wearing strange hats, meat dresses, and messing with our heads, as to what her exact sexuality really is.

4. Ke$ha is way over the top obnoxious. Ke$ha compeltely embodies the OH NO awards, because she makes almost every mom say, "Oh no", whenever they see her! But sorry to say, there's only room for one celeb at the top of the OH NO awards. Ke$ha is just plain and simply obnoxious. She only wears long shirts, sans the pants. Her songs are truly meant for pop radio because they are so pop-like, but without any talent. Come on even Betty White can pick up a mike and sing to auto tune, making her sound like a hot songstress.

5. Tom Cruise has really toned it down this year. But, I just can't get that image out of my head of Tom jumping on Oprah's couch on TV acting all crazy! Even though, Tom Cruise looks great for his age, 49, by the way, he starred in the movie, "Rock of Ages," and I'm thinking he is too old to be starring in a movie about a rock star. Or is that the point; an older actor portraying an aging, but still in shape singer? Tom Cruise just strikes me as being too much of a poser. He doesn't seem to live life, he just has to be the center of attention.

There they are---the five most obnoxious celebrities for 2012. Can't wait to see who will be the top five OH-NO, most obnoxious celebrities of 2013! Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a freelance writer, who started her career writing greeting card sayings in 2004!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian should star on reality TV dating show by Kate Johns

I've got a great idea! Why doesn't Kim Kardashian star on one of those dating reality TV shows?
At first I thought of this as a joke, but in reality, it does seem Kim needs dating/relationship help.

Hello-----her marriage only lasted for 72 days! That's still not as short as the what was it 72 hours Britney Spears was married to an old high school flame, but it still does count.

Yes, Kim K, needs dating help. Currently on TV there are numerous reality TV dating shows, one is called, "Millionaire Matchmaker", another is, "Why am I still single?"
These two reality TV shows are funny, startling, blunt, and sometimes these two TV shows do help single people find their future spouses.

So what does dating help have to do with Kim Kardashian?
It has everything to do with Kim. She obviously needs help making comittments, living with soemone else, and sharing. Kim needs help realizing that marriage is a serious thing, not to be laughed off as a publicity stunt.

Seriously, I am being serious with this blog post.

Kim needs an expert to help her find a man who can handle being in a relationship with her. Kim K. also is a millionaire who can call the shots, do what she wants and has people at her beckon, booty loving call.

Unless, Kim K. wants to spend an eternity living alone, with paid lackeys doing her bidding, she needs to find relationship help or therapy, (there's another reality TV show, Dr. Drew), right now.

Besides if she starred on a relationship reality TV show, then Kim stands to gain more respect from her core reality TV show audience. Gaining more publicity, Kim would make more millions to add to her overstuffed coffers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian divorce no real surprise by Kate Johns

With the recent news that Kim Kardashian's super quickie marriage ended in divorce after just 72 days, we regular human beings really should not be surprised. Kim Kardashian is not known for her strong moral character. She made a sex tape, suddenly skyrocketed into instant fame.

It should come  as no real surprise to any of us mere mortals, who have not starred on a reality TV show, that Kim and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce. The only person who seems to be surprised by all this is Kris himself, who found out he was getting a divorce when he heard it in the media. I kind of,  feel sorry for the former basketball player . How would you like to find out you're getting a divorce on TV, or seeing your spouse's name emblazoned on a well known website such as TMZ, or Yahoo?

The entire Kardashian clan is truly not known to be a talented bunch. The Kardashian's have not written poetry, books, or famous hit songs, that we know of. They have not starred in movies, or made money the old fashioned way, by working "real jobs." The Kardashians really have only starred in three reality TV shows. Their mother, Kris, is the Kardashian clan's manager and has been managing her kids into the stratosphere of money making reality TV history.Guessing, their mom, Kris is the talent-- laden member of the family.

After many comments of the specifics of Kim's divorce filing Halloween morning, I came to the conclusion that many other people also think the Kardashian's are an untalented bunch. "money hungry ho," and "sex tape star," were bantered about.

Therefore, it really should come as no surprise to anyone that Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce after just 72 days of marriage. But what gets me is that with Kim getting a divorce after a super short marriage, what message does this send to impressionable young people? Millions of people watch the Kardashian reality TV shows. Millions of young women, and young girls think life is supposed to be this way. After watching The Kardashian's TV shows, and also other reality TV shows, anyone would think that life is meant to be an easy one of not going to college, not working a job, but starring in sex tapes, and making bad rap songs are everyones' claim to fame.

Possibly if we regular people stop watching the Kardashian's TV shows, and we do not buy their clothing lines, or colognes, then they will quietly disappear. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented freelance writer who started her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian files for divorce Halloween morning by Kate Johns

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Kim Kardashian only married Kris Humphries to get major publicity to make more money. The proof is in the pudding!
How do I know this? Kim filed for divorce from her hubby of 72 days, Halloween morning.
Of course, the official reason is irreconcilable differences. The unofficial reason is because Kim and Kris couldn't figure out where they would live.This is of course all according to TMZ.

All I'm saying is a big, fat sarcastic----give me a break!!!

You mean to tell me Kim and Kris couldn't come to a happy conclusion about where they would live? How about compromising? I'm sorry but that's what we down to earth, regular people who are not millionaires do, we live in the same houses with our spouses because we usually can't afford to live in four different homes.

 Now it is all crystal clear. Kim gets to keep the huge diamond ring of 20.5 carats. They spent a reported 10 million dollars on a wedding that was televised on The Kardashians reality TV show and the Kardashians were the talk of the town for weeks.
If this is absolutely true that Kim is divorcing Kris after only 72 days, I'm left wondering what major publicity stunt the Kardashians will pull next.What is left after having a sex tape, getting engaged on your reality TV show, marrying a pro-athelete on TV, and starting your own line of clothing?

Wait there's more---having Kris Jenner, Kim's mom appear on every major newsshow across America promoting her new book about who else----The Kardashians. Kris is telling everyone that Kim is a good role model for young girls,also saying Kim will be fine. What is happening is that Kris Jenner is doing damage control.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Madonna's brother is homeless by Kate Johns

Madonna the famous singer, songwriter, actress, and millionaire extrordinaire's  older brother is homeless. Anthony Ciccione, 55 year old brother of Madonna, is living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan. Kate Johns wrote this article in 2011, and there was never any information of Madonna helping her brother find a home. you'd think with her millions she could buy her homeless brother a house to call his home.

Madonna's brother, Anthony Ciccone, who is 55, was working for Madonna's father, Silvio, who owns the Ciccione Vineyards in Michigan. Mr. Ciccione fired Anthony, and he soon realized he had no where to go but to the mean streets of Michigan.

Madonna's current personal wealth is estimated at an astounding 650 million dollars. Madonna has sold just shy of 200 million records,and she has starred in many movies, including Evita, Shangai Surprise, and Desperately Seeking Susan.

But, her brother Anthony, the oldest of the six Ciccione children is currently living under a bridge.
Madonna owns at least three homes in the United States and one in the United Kingdom.
Ciccione says he collects cans ,bottles and works odd jobs to make money. He also says that is it very cold living on the streets of Michigan, where Madonna was born and raised.

Madonna has enjoyed a long lasting career of creating pop hits for the last thirty years, and currently is 53 years old.
Maybe the Material Girl will allow her older brother to live in one of her homes, or buy him a home to live in.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tom Cruise Starring in Rock of Ages by Kate Johns

Fifty year old Tom Cruise will be starring in the musical movie, "Rock of Ages."
Never one to shy away from a leap into the unknown, Mr Risktaker, Tom Cruise will not only star in Rock of Ages, but he will be doing so without his shirt on. Tom Cruise will be prancing and posing on a stage singing rock music without a shirt on.

Tom Cruise has been seen practicing his rock star moves almost everywhere he goes, including a hotel balcony, on TV shows promoting his new flick, and at every opportunity to also show off his new long locks he has been spotted growing for his rock star role as an Iggy Pop look alike.

In Rock of Ages, Tom will star as hard body, hard rocker Stacee Jaxx. I also never knew 48 year old men could look so muscular, but Tom is shown shirtless throughout this upcoming early summer, late spring flick. Mr, Cruise has always been in great shape, but a man his age is usually slowing down not getting more muscles. It has also been said that Tom Cruise will  be singing his own songs during the flick,and his wife, Katie Holmes thinks he sounded great during rehearsals. Also starring in Rock of Ages will be Dancing With The Stars dancer, Julianne Hough, "30 Rock" star, Alec Baldwin, singer, Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry's actor husband Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Why are we placing talentless stars onto pedestals? by kate johns

Why are we placing wanna be talentless stars into the limelight, watching their horrible reality TV shows, helping these cretins without moral fiber, ethics, and who usually have some sort of major mental problem onto a pedestal so high they become instant famous millionaires?
It's not just Americans who are placing Snooki, Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell onto the pedestal of success.

It's sickening, baby that we have no morals!

Why do we keep allowing people who have no morals, no standards, and who would otherwise be burger flippers, or living on the street, to become millionaires?
Guess what people, I'll tell you why, because we are bored with our ho-hum, boring lives where we work our butts off. We are tired of working hard attempting to attain the American dream, only to come home and work hard some more; making dinner, taking care of the kids, cleaning, doing dishes, (you know what I mean).
That's why we allow people who are  completely different, crazy, attention seeking hos,  who have no morals, and no ethics, loyalty etc, to become the celebrity stars we look up to. Yes, one reason is because we are bored with our lives.

Leading a rock star existence!

The other reason is because we either openly or secretly want to live the life of a rock star. Who wouldn't want to make millions from basically doing nothing? Why wouldn't you want to make an appearance at a nightclub only to have an adoring throng love you from afar? Almost everyone wants to be loved, whether that is by one person or by millions. It is proven every day with people making thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Many millions if not billions of people want to lead a life where hard work doesn't pay off, because they don't do any. After watching a few minutes of Jersey Shore, I figured what a great life these young, good looking Jersey Shore partiers must have. They get up at noon, go out and get drunk, wear shimmering short dresses, in style clothes,and no underwear, and do what they want when they want to. Is this really reality?

Reality TV show stars are new role models

What it comes down is we are putting talentless, unintelligent people in positions of power enabling teens, young adults and some adults as well in a position thinking this is how life should be lived. They live life exactly how they want without any consequences, without any responsibilities, and life is exciting, and fun.What it comes down to is reality TV show celebrities have become some of the worst role models for our youth.
At one point in time millionaire celebrities were people who were adored from afar, who lived lives of stunning beauty, and lived more private lives without paparazzi following every little thing they did.

Today, however, due to the excess of  celebrity TV shows, media fodder, and the Internet, we see everything millionaire celebrities do everyday. If a celeb loses a lot of weight, we find out right away.
We are making talentless people like Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Camille Grammer, and other reality TV show stars instant celebrities that show what "real life" is really like. I don't know about your life, but my life is pretty dull ,where no one is following me around with a camera, and I've never had a hair pulling contest with any of my girlfriends. Oh yea, and I never made out with any of them either!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weird Celebrity Kids Names by kate Johns

Celebrities have every right to name their kids whatever they want, but for some odd reason celebrities pick the weirdest names for their kids. For all we know celebs are hiring people to create stellar, out of sight, odd, strange, weird names for their kids. Wasn't there a really dumb reality TV show where people with extra money to fling around, (unlike you and I), where people were hired to come up with totally different names for their babies? When I glimpsed this show, I thought how stupid can  rich people be?

I have created a listing of weird celebrity kids names.
They are as follows:

1.Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's teen daughter's name is actually very pretty, but may have sounded weird 17 years ago-----Ireland.
2.Robin Williams named one of his kids after his favorite , yes that's right, video game-----Zelda. He and his children's Nanny, created Miss Zelda, and divorced in 2008.
3. Spice Girl Geri Halliwell named her baby girl, Bluebell Madonna.
4. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden named their baby boy, Sparrow.
5. Actor Jason Lee named his son, now get this one----Inspektor Pilot----Poor kid!
6. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren gifted their child with the honorable name of Honor Marie.
7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their five kids, Pax, Thien, Knox, Shiloh, and Zahara.
8. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett cursed their baby with this name----Archibald Archie William Emerson.
9. Richard Gere must be a fan of the Simpons or a major league baseball fan, naming his son, Homer.
10. Aussie supermodel, Elle MacPherson's son is named after a Roman emperor, Aurelius.
11. Jermaine Jackson was thinking of dancing, by honoring his son with Jermajasty.
12.George Foreman, yes the grill guy, and former pro boxer, got so creative by naming his kids after himself. He had ten kids-------5 boys are named George, and two girls are called----Freeda George, and Georgetta.
13. We all have heard about Michael Jackson's kids----Paris Michael Katherine, Michael Joesph Jr. also known as Prince and Blanket also known as; Prince Michael II.
14.Arthur Ashe the pro tennis player named his daughter this stellar, weird name; Camera.
15. Christie Brinkley and former hubby Peter Cook named their daughter Sailor Lee.
16. Cher named one of her kids Elijah Blue.
17.  Bob Geldorf and now deceased former wife Paula Yates had three daughters named; Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, and Little Pixie.
18. Besides following rockstars around Paula had four daughters, one with Michael Hutchence in 1995. They named their baby, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily.
19. Mariah Carey named one of her babies Moroccan Scott.

Either these millionaire celebrities kids names are the most stellar names ever thought of, or they are the absolute worst ever thought of. It's all up to your feelings on the subject. But, me personally, I think most of them are just plain weird!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leonardo Di Caprio Seduces Supermodels by Kate Johns

Millionaire actor Leonardo Di Caprio makes every other womanizer out there, such as Mick Jagger, Johnny Depp, and Hugh Hefner look like mere mortals when it comes to wooing women. Leonardo has been doing what millions of men the world over want to do and he does it with style; seducing supermodels.

Besides building a stellar movie career, Leonardo Di Caprio has been busy under the sheets. Seems Leo is never seen without a good looking model type by his side.
Leo is a major player in the seduction of women. He should know, he has been doing this for at least 15 years now.
Somehow he manages to find time to make a movie or two every so often, such as "The Titanic", in 1997, and "Catch Me If You Can " in 2002. He even gives time and money to major charities, and gave a million dollars of his own money to the people of Tahiti after the tsunami ripped though this once tropical island paradise, killing thousands of people.
But, you have to say Leonardo knows his way around good looking super model, and actress types. He has dated so many, it's hard to keep score.
Let's see, here are but a few:
Dated Supermodel, Helena Christensen, back in the 1990's, if memory serves me on this one.Helena is famous for being a super supermodel, back in the 1990's , parading down the Victoria Secret runway, and for dating super rock stars.
Leo dated Supermodel, (there's that word again), Naomi Campbell, who gets more notice lately for being pissed at her hired help, than for strutting down a runway.
Leo dated, Eva Herzigova, Laetitia Casta, model Kristen Zang, socialite Emma Miller, actress Alicia Silverstone, Carmen Electra,(didn't Prince discover her?), and currently has been seen with "Gossip Girl", Blake Lively, and 23 year old Russian model babe, Anne Vyalitsyna.

Why can't Leo date women with easy to spell names?

Di Caprio also famously dated two or is that about ten Victoria Secret models. Does he show up at Victoria Secret runway shows, and just say, "I'll take her."

He dated Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, from 2002 until she broke up with him in 2005, because he was too busy seducing other women to pay attention to her.
Then Di Caprio famously dated another stunning Victoria Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Bar Rafaeli.They recently broke up, with Bar taking pics of herself on her yacht in a string bikini, attempting to make Leo jealous, I guess.
Right now, but this too will change-----Di Caprio is dating another model, who will become a supermodel due to her skinny curves, Anne Vyalitsyna. she is 23, he currently is 34. Anne has been featured in S.I. for five years in a row.
Either Di Caprio shows up to Victoria Secret runway shows, or peruses Sports Illustrated, but anyway you look at it, he seduces beautiful women. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, a freelance writer, who started her career by writing greeting cards in 2004.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus Clan Welcoming New Baby

After seeing the headline of "Billy Ray Cyrus Going to become a Grandfather",my first thought was, "What! Miley Cyrus is going to have a baby?" Horrified, I shouted the news to my daughter--- an avid Miley Cyrus fan.
Then I found out the earth shattering news; former Disney star, Brenda Song and Billy Ray Cyrus's oldest son,Trace, will be having a baby.
I was actually relieved that Miley Cyrus was not the one having the baby considering she has been a pre-teen and teen mentor for years now. With young, impressionable girls looking up to Miley, I was glad to hear it wasn't Miley who was pregnant, but that it is indeed Brenda Song who is about 25 years old. You may remember that Brenda Song was one of the stars on the Disney show, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."
Here's where it may get confusing:
Trace is Billy Ray Cyrus's oldest adopted child, brought into this whole millionaire thing when Billy Ray married his second wife Tish, (I think, that's right.)
Trace was born on February 24, 1989, in Ashland Kentucky, and is the older half brother of Miley Cyrus and his other (what seems like a lot of kids), siblings.
Trace also dated another Disney star; Demi Lovato, who has not been heard from since announcing she had a drug problem last year. Trace is in his own band, called Metro Station. The Great American Country website did not say when Trace and Brenda expect their new arrival, but did highlight Billy's newest TV show;"Billy Ray Cyrus; I'm American," shown on GAC.  Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, who is a talented writer, having started her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrities that have died from overdosing on sleeping pills by Kate Johns

Celebrities that have died from overdosing on sleeping pills are at least three:

Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926 and died on August 5, 1962 due to an overdose of barbiturates. Barbiturates are a kind of sedative. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding her death. People think she may have been murdered due to the fact that she was having an affair with President John F. Kennedy. It has been thought that she found out information that she wasn't supposed to be privy to. Even though Marilyn Monroe acted like a dumb blonde in many of her movies she actually had a very high I. Q. of about 140.

She died at the young age of 36, and had been having health problems for several years before she died. It was reported that she had a troubled upbringing and that she was married three times. She appeared in many movies such as the Seven Year Itch and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She had great comedic insight and she was a very sexy actress.

You find yourself thinking, why does someone who has it all in life, have to take sleeping pills? Why do we find so many celebrities abusing prescriptions and illegal drugs in the first place? Is is because they have so much time and money on their hands, with no real responsibility in their lives that makes them become pill popping demons? Do they have access to celebrity induced doctors that allow them to take too many pills?

Another case in point is Elvis Presley who died of a heart attack while trying to go to the bathroom. The coroner said he died while constipated. Elvis Presley as everyone knows did not eat a healthy diet. We are all aware of his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but not many people know that he died while trying to go tot he bathroom. He had been popping a large mix of drugs for several years before his death, such as uppers, downers. All of which were prescribed by a doctor who didn't seem to realize that he was doing any harm to The King of Rock n' Roll.

Elvis Presley who was born on January 8, 1935, and died August 16, 1977 recorded many rock and roll songs in his day that were tremendous hits such as Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog. He starred in many chartbusting movies as well where he and the gang would erupt into one of his hit songs. Possibly his lifestyle where he would be up late doing shows and then having a hard time coming down from the 'high' of performing were too much for The King.

Many people have sleeping problems and after so many nights or even years of battling insomnia take sleeping pills to help get a good nigh of sleep. People all have different work schedules and pressures put on them from everyday life. Many celebrities fly from one end of the planet to another and find it difficult to fall asleep when they are forced to change their behavioral patterns. So they end up taking sleeping pills and taking other drugs during the day to get that extra excited feeling so desperately needed to enthrall an audience.

Australian actor Heath Ledger's recent death from an overdose of many prescription drugs once again brings sleeping pills and other legal drugs to the forefront of just how much is too much. At the time of his death Ledger was ingesting the following; oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, tempazepam, alprazdam, and doxylamine. All of these drugs were found in his body according to the coroner's report. Ledger was only 29 years old, and this is just another case of a celebrity abusing prescription pills in order to find inner peace. Heath Ledger acted in movies such as Brokeback Mountain and as the Joker in the recent movie, The Dark Knight.

It's sad to say that celebrities can take sleeping pills and overdose, bringing a tragic end to a talented life way too early. Out of these three stars, Elvis Presley was the oldest celeb to die so very young at the age of 42. Possibly if these stars weren't given these drugs then they would have lived a longer life. But obvioulsy each one of these stars were given these drugs by medical professionals, and their conditions should have been monitored more correctly. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented writer, who started her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top Ten Long Lasting Celebrity Marriages by Kate Johns

Believe it or not, there are some celebrities who get married because they love each other, make a great team, and want to spend the rest of their lives together. But, it seems that many celebrity couples just tie the knot or enter into relationships just to garner as much publicity as possible. Thus furthering their millionaire careers taking them into regions only the NASA Shuttle has reached before.
Come on, just because they are stars, does that mean they have to make billions every year?
Beleive it or not, there are numerous celebrity marriages that have lasted for more than a mega-second like many celeb marriages. Just think about current and some older celebrities that have gotten married, having divorced faster than most people can take a shower. All you have to do is think Cher, Madonna, Pamela Anderson, and Jennifer Lopez. Did you know that Jennifer Lopez has been married not once, but three times? With J. Lo and Anthony having been married for seven years, you try to believe theirs was not just a publicity stunt. Her third marriage was with Marc Anthony, and she was his second.
Therefore, to let you know that not all celebrities fall into bed with each other and get married because they are crazed publicity hounds, here are ten long lasting celebrity marriages:
1. James Garner and his wife of 56 years, Lois Clarke.
2. Ron Howard, the famous producer, and the little kid in the hit TV show, Mayberry, and his wife Cheryl have been married for 37 years.
3. Former SNL star Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon tied the knot in 1983.
4.Actor, Producer, Tom Hanks and his actress wife Rita Wilson have been currently married for 25 years.
5. Kevin Bacon and his talented wife, Kyra Sedgwick have been married for 25 years.
6. Having tied the marriage knot in 1989, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates have been married for 24 years.
7. John Travolta and Kelly Preston have been married for just 23 years, and had a baby in 2010.
8.Famous director, Steven Speilberg, and Kate Capshaw happily tied the knot in 1991, reaching the 22 year marriage mark.
9. Famous rock singer, David Bowie, and Somali supermodel Iman, have been married for a long time in celeb land also of 22 years.
10. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have four children together and have been married for 17 years, despite divorce rumors.
There are more celebrity marriages that have lasted for a long time, (anything more than 15 minutes, like Britney Spears), such as Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Pfeiffer and David Kelley. Hopefully, the ten millionaire celebrity marriages just listed will not be slated in the news as the next celebrity marriage causalities, proving that some celebrities get married for love. Copyright 2011, written by talented writer Kate Johns, who started her career creating greeting cards in 2004.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What happened to Miley Cyrus,and Charlie Sheen? by Kate Johns

I've got several newsworthy, nosey questions to ask of you; what happened to Miley Cyrus,and Charlie Sheen?
These truly important questions might make it impossible for all of us to get through to the next day without discovering what happened to these very important people.

Charlie Sheen,and Miley Cyrus are by all means celebrities who if were unheard from the world would not stop turning. But celebrity followers, photographers, and regular folks like you and me, would not get our taste of gossip, or make more money from these celebrities.
But, when you REALLY think about it, what happened to these millionaire celebs? One day we heard so much from and about Miley Cyrus that we soon became sick of her, and could not force ourselves to buy any more of her merchandise. Did you buy a Miley lunchbox, or shirt for your daughter or granddaughter that you want to unload? Miley Cyrus was everywhere. Mainstream media was loaded with Miley shows, music awards, and music videos. Miley was seen in a movie, and was plastered on and in every magazine and she was seen on almost every Internet site available to man.
Then, suddenly, Miley was gone. And now we miss her. HA-HA! So, NOT!! It's different in our house now without the Hannah Montana Disney show causing me to search for peaceful solitude away from Miley's grating voice. I get the feeling Miley is trying to ditch the paparazzi currently, while getting new tattoos made though.

As for Charlie Sheen, let's hope he is getting his act together, now that his Goddesses have left him for Whereverville. Too bad Charlie lost it though, because he was incredibly funny on his TV show, "Two and A Half Men." Although Ashton Kutcher is a good looking hunk of guy, Charlie played a seriously funny TV role of what he is really like. Last I heard, he was making a new Major League  baseball flick, and he was seen hanging out with one of his ex-wives. I saw this rumored romance between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards in Wal-mart while standing in the check out line.  I have to say, I don't feel sorry for him, because he did this to himself, and he was offered his acting gig back, but refused to go back to Two and a Half Men.

Wouldn't it be nice, for a change if we didn't see new headlines popping up that Charlie Sheen overdosed on drugs, or that Miley Cyrus was not pole dancing on a TV show meant for kids? Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented, professional author who started her professional writing career as a greeting card writer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shocking Celebrity News:Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorcing by Kate Johns

Major shocking celebrity news: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are calling it splitsville. After an announcement made on Friday July 15, 2011, the powerhouse, millionaire celebrity couple are calling their marriage done, over, finished.
Call me schocked!! J. Lo and Marc Anthony looked desperately in love on the American Idol season finale. Does this mean they were just acting like they were so in love? Marc Anthony even whispered after J. Lo shook her famous booty at the huge American Idol audience, he took her in his arms and said, "I love you." To which J. Lo just glared at Marc, saying nothing.
Does this mean, the power Latino couple were just acting?! I am disgusted, outraged, and I feel betrayed by Marc and Jennifer for acting like they were still in love after being together for seven years.
Come on every couple gets the seven year itch!!

What happened--- is he jealous because she is more famous than he is?
Is he jealous of all of the attention her fabulous booty shaking has gotten her?
Is the Jennifer Lopez- Marc Anthony marriage really over, or is this another in a series of major events the millionaire couple are pulling to gain EVEN more dramatic attention?
Do J. Lo and Marc have such intense, HOT-blooded Latino blood running through their veins that they throw furniture at each other while fighting?
We may never know. But, one thing is for certain, theirs may not have been a match made in heaven, but they certainly are awesomely talented actors for making their relationship look like it was. Copyright 2011, written by talented writer Kate Johns who began her professional writing career in 2004, creating greeting card sayings.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates his marriage to Maria Shriver by Kate Johns

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminated his marriage to Maria Shriver in a big, bad way.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's life story is the stuff movies are made of. Seems whatever Arnold works at, or as some people may see it, whatever Arnold wants, Arnold gets. Arnold Schwarzenegger got away with having an affair with his maid, for about 15 years,right behind his wife Maria Shriver's back.
I am the parent of two, and I believe in raising my children in a moral, ethical manner so that they do not grow up becoming morally corrupt individuals who will do anything for money. Don't get me wrong, having money must be great, but treating people with respect, love and honesty will do more for your reputation than stealing a loaf of bread from the corner store.
I am thoroughly disgusted at Arnold Schwarzenegger's disgusting display of unethical immature, behavior.
REALLY! He had to have an affair with a woman who was the maid? Good God man, get a brain! She was not good looking! His affairess---who has about four or five names---Mildred Baena, reportedly had an affair with Arnold S. about 15 years ago. Was Arnold insane!! She was height impaired, she was not a good looking woman. Hello---why the maid Arnold? Why not have an affair with a woman who is gorgeous, young and has a rocking hot bod?!
I figured it out people---it was the maid's uniform that did it for him. And the fact that Mildred has a rather large set of breasts. (Sad to say, Maria is rather flat chested, and skinny.)
I've raised my children with morals and ethics. I have let them know that if they are going to screw up their lives, do it in a big way, and make millions from the proposition. In other words, people---- make the screw up really, really worth it. Have a great time, go out in a big way, not in a small way, and guys have sex with a woman who has a great body, or is a much younger woman, or have an affair with a woman who is rich and famous.
Are you as disappointed as I am with Arnold's affair conquest? Arnold is the man who was the Governor of California. He was the man who lifted his weight into a world famous career of bodybuilding. Arnold was the man who made millions from acting tough and had a set of rock hard abs while toting a machine gun. Arnold Schwarzenegger had not one, not two but three dominating careers as the man who could have been president of the United States, if only he had not been born in Austria.
What the? What was Arnold thinking?
The former California Governor had four kids with Maria,(John F. Kennedy's niece) and got the maid pregnant?
Arnold Schwarzenegger screwed up his life, and not in the big bad way we expected from him. Arnold must not be the intelligent man of discerning taste we thought he was. He has pulled the Republican veil of politics over our eyes, and made a mockery of his movie life by having an affair with a woman who possibly was his Kindergarten Cop equal. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented writer who began her writing career in 2004 by creating greeting card sayings.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hillary Clinton's advice to Weiner's wife, Huma, by Kate Johns

Hillary Clinton is giving marriage advice to Congressman Weiner's wife.
Perusing the Internet the other day, I scanned a news story of how Hillary Clinton is giving advice to Huma Aberdin. I'll just quickly recap for you: New York Congressman Anthony Weiner exposed himself in pictures, text messages and sexts to young women. He is married to Huma Aberdin, who is a top aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Hillary is married to Bill Clinton who had one confirmed, possibly numerous affairs or sexual fun time with women he was not married to ,while married to Hillary.
Currently from what is being said, gossiped about, or whom you believe, Hillary is giving advice to Huma. People are also saying that Huma and Hillary are having an affair. (Could be, but do bloggers need the publicity that much to start those kind of rumors?)
Can you imagine the advice Hillary would be offering Huma? Hillary has been through it all with her husband. Any non-power hungry female would not have stayed with Bill Clinton.
What could Hillary say to her closest Washington aide that could possibly help? How about something like this:
1. "Don't divorce him. Wait until he makes millions, until you make your final decision. That way, you can get half of what he has, not half of what he owes."
2, "Turn the negative publicity into positive rewards. Use the media as I have in the past."
3. "Whatever you do, Huma, deflect, it is not your fault or Anthony's fault. It is always someone else's fault." The blame lies in how stressed he was during his tenure in public office."
4. "Write a book after the baby is born, detailing the scandal and how it affected you and the baby."
5. "Use this publicity to highlight your strengths. You will be seen as a strong, but effective woman, and a loving, determined, supportive wife."
My advice to Anthony Weiner's wife: Get a divorce now. Congressman Weiner is a lying, cheating man-boy. Get out while you can. Keep your job, and write a book about the experience. Might as well cash out on Weiner's lying, cheating heart now, getting major retribution, becoming a celebrity of your own, Girlfriend.Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented freelance writer who began her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Should women wear body-baring bikinis after having babies? by Kate Johns

After having a baby or two, women should not be wearing body-baring bikinis. It's gross. It's disgusting. Do people really need to see those stretch marks, and fat hanging over that bikini bottom? YUCK!!
Looking Gross in a Bikini----
When a woman loses weight, works out, tones up and firms up her baby fat, then yes, wear a bikini in public with your great looking body. But, please do not wear a bikini bathing suit at a public pool when you are overweight and the baby fat hangs out or spills over your bikini. It grosses people out. It makes people think that women, girls, are disgusting displays of unethical status looking for a guy, dude, man to father another offspring.
Celebrities Made Me Do It!
Major well-known celebrities have become our role models. Older teens, young adults and even older women see female stars wearing body-baring, bikinis (think skinny Courtney Cox,and Selena Gomez), and think, "If they can wear tiny bikinis, so can I." Impressionable minds of younger women, and even older women are the bikini clad women people see at every conceivable place. Major celebrities are seen in tiny bikinis at expensive tropical locations doing what they love to do; showing off their toned, tan, fit bodies.
The reason celebrities look great in teeny tiny designer bikinis is because they can afford to have a personal trainer come to their homes creating beautiful celebrity bodies. Celebs, supermodels, like Giselle, Courtney Cox, and Britney Spears have babies, and all look great in tiny bikinis. But they all have the money to throw at an expert to get their bodies in shape. Plus, celebs, and supermodels can afford to have surgery to get rid of fat bulges, and to pump up their breasts, and butts making them look beautiful.
Pregnancy and Babies are Career Boosters
Celebs and super models wander around in designer bikinis showing off their baby bumps to do something regular people don't get a chance to do. Celebs and supermodels are trying to get publicity to pump up their careers. Being a pregnant celeb right now is a major career boost. Having kids is a great publicity stunt. Celebs showing off their kids, makes them look less selfish enabling them to regular folks like you and me. Celebrities are show offs to begin with. Super models, pop singers all want something. Besides becoming rich people, celebrities want attention. That's why celebs become celebs.
Didn't Madonna wander around in a bikini when she was pregnant, numerous years ago? Now that Kim Kardashian is rumored to be pregnant, I'm sure that she will wander around private , expensive beaches doing what she does best; show off her big butt. What did you think I was going to say?
All we regular people need to see is Lindsay Lohan wandering around with a huge baby bump showing her body to the world. Wait a minute, hasn't she done that already? Copyright 2011, written by talented writer Kate Johns who began her writing career by creating greeting card sayings in 2004!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 5 Worst Millionaire Actresses by Kate Johns

I bet you can think of at least five women that are millionaires that are also the worst actresses today. I bet you can make your own top five list.
If only we could all agree on who those five are. There are probably over a hundred that really and truly are totally without talent. You sit there watching a movie and wonder, why is this woman starring in this movie? Sometimes when a celeb is so bad, you can't even concentrate on the movie and you wonder why you fell for buying tickets to it. Not to mention how bad reality TV has become with women who are supposed to be real people, who are acting out a part.

While there are actresses who are so wonderful at what they do, such as Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson who are truly hilarious actresses, that they seem to really be like that in real life. There are some women who were born to grace the silver screen such as Marilyn Monroe and at least five  who are the topd five worst actresses:

1. Mariah Carey. I can't even remember the name of the movies she starred in, but I think she wrote one also. Don't get me wrong, Mariah Carey has a stellar set of pipes and is without a doubt very deserving of being the best selling female recording artist of all time. But, sorry to say, she can't act, and one of her flicks was a major box office flop. Just what were those movies called, Sparkle, or was that Purple Rain?

2. Helen Hunt only has one range of acting and that is showing the same face for the entire movie. She can't act. And in the movie, Castaway with Tom Hanks, she stumbled with her accents, going from Southern Belle to Boston Mama. Helen Hunt starred in the TV show Mad About You, and even though it was critically acclaimed and had millions of viewers, I found it disturbing that she never reached a new range accept besides straight faced.

3. Madonna is one of the top recording artists of all time, besides Mariah Carey. Her musical career has spanned three decades of hit making acclaim. But, Madonna can't act. She is directionless and it is rather strange to watch her wander around clueless. Madonna is fifty and she can sing, and a dance like a teenager, but she she doesn't have that certain big screen quality.

4. Besides Britney Spears being a talented singer or is that dancer, she can't act. Wasn't she in a movie somewhere along the line about a teenager? It was even awful to see the trailer for this movie. I felt embarrassed for her, even though I knew she was already a millionaire.

5. I have one question. Why is Kim Kardashian even on television? She just talks and talks and doesn't say a thing. She's more famous for her sex tape and her large behind than anything else. She has literally become part of pop culture because she starred in her own sex tape, and on three reality TV shows. Kim Kardashian has no discernible talent, except looking good, and is classified in the Paris Hilton category of millionaires who are famous for doing absolutely nothing.

Of course there are more top worst actresses such as Lindsay Lohan, Snooki. With new reality TV shows coming down the pike and the Housewives of series, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be plenty more worst actresses to choose from in the future. Copyright 2011, written by talented writer Kate Johns, who has been creating stellar articles, and greetingc ard sayings since 2004!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paris Hilton is a money making machine! by Kate Johns

Paris Hilton fits into the same classification of Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian on the TV reality show "The Kardashians". Paris Hilton has shown the world that she has no morals, no integrity, and no sense of compassion for the rest of the world. She has never given any of her easily made money to starving people in third world countries, that we know of. She has never been on any charity show giving her time for a worthwhile cause, such as the Extreme Makeover show getting celebrities together to fight for a worthy cause.
By being in the tabloids on a daily basis and by being a bad girl she made millions of dollars. She has no character and has no moral responsibility and for some strange reason has influenced an entire generation of young girls to be just like her. And that ladies and gentlemen is incredibly disheartening. Do you want your daughter to be just like Paris Hilton? You probably are saying no, but you want your daughters to have all the money she has, right?
Paris Hilton is a moneymaking machine and she shows no morals or integrity in making more money. Paris basically prostitutes herself to the highest bidder. She has been in several movies, a worldwide television show, called " The Simple Life", that also starred Nicole Ritchie. Paris and Nicole behaved so horribly spoiled and nasty on their television show that is was disgusting to see them. They laughed at people and how poor they were. They were given work to do which neither one of them even knew how to do.
Paris Hilton has made way too much money from just being Paris Hilton. Paris has modeled, acted, sang, and just strutted her pantyless stuff around the world. Paris appeared in "House of Wax" in 2005, she made a record called simply enough, "Paris" in 2006, and she made millions upon millions with various colognes, one of course called, Paris.
Paris just being Paris is a billion dollar industry with perfume makers, photographers, tabloids, entertainment television shows, and magazines making millions from Miss Hilton. Photographers follow her every movement thus making money when she smiles fro them. Magazines make millions from advertising due to people buying their magazines to read all about what Paris did next. Movie-makers want her in their films to help create huge box office sales, (which is debatable), and groups pay her to speak to them, and for her to stand there and look pretty.

Paris makes millions of dollars and she doesn't work hard for her money. Possibly if we stop following her every movement, taking her picture at every juncture, she will grow tired of it all and get married and settle into the real life! Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns---talented writer who began her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian says yes to whopping 20.5 carat ring by Kate Johns

Big news for Kim Kardashian fans. Kim Kardashian is officially engaged.
Who has Kim said yes to? Nets forward, Kris Humphries. He gave her a whopping 20.5 carat diamond ring. Kris asked her to marry him by surprising Kim when she came home to her Beverley Hills house on may 18.Kris said he wanted the ring to be big.
Which makes you think, what woman would have said no to a guy, when he was holding a 20.5 carat ring in his hand? And this also leads you into thinking----Will the engagement proposal be shown on her recent reality TV show. "Kourtney and Kim take New York?"
Did you also notice that Kim's and Kris's names both start with a K ? Oh, how cute!
And did you also notice that Kim's mom's name is Kris?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian is most Famous Reality TV Show Star by Kate Johns

Kim Kardashian is the most famous reality TV show star alive today.
Depending on what shows you have been watching you will probably come up with numerous different lists. But, the most recognized, most famous, richest star alive and kicking it up on reality TV is: Kim Kardashian. Carrie Underwood, Bethenny Frankel, and “The Situation, " Kendra Wilkinson, Paris Hilton and many others are millionaires because they have starred on reality TV shows.
Kim Kardashian is possibly the most famous, (besides Paris Hilton), of all of the reality show stars. Kim is young, beautiful, has a great body, and she also has no discernable talent, besides having a booty-licious body. Kim and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney have starred in several reality TV shows. The first show the Kardashian sisters starred in, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The three sisters appeared in this reality TV show, in 2007, with their entire Kardashian family. Kim is currently appearing in another reality TV show with her "Dash" partner,Kourtney, called “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.” Kim was born in 1980, and has a million dollar empire built around her, with Ryan Seacrest producing her current reality TV show.
Kim Kardashian has been seriously busy raking in the millions. Kim starred in a movie recently, simply titled, "Disaster Movie."She also recently starred in an episode of CSI NY as Debbie Fallon. Kim has also been busy opening new Dash stores around the country, and she has created one song. Kind of makes you think Kim Kardashian is the newest clone of Paris Hilton fame; she is famous for being famous and promotes herself and her businesses to the absolute stratosphere.
When you really think about it, promotion is the key to success, and we all should learn from Kim's successful promoting strategies. Considering Bethenny Frankel, and many other reality TV stars are millionaires. not because they are talented, but only because they promote themselves until the market is saturated with their products of books, cologne, clothing lines, and TV shows. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented writer who began her professional career in 2004 by creating greeting card sayings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Millionaire Saturday Night Live Stars by Kate Johns

I started watching Saturday Night Live back when it went on the air, back in 1975. I was just 14, and I really did not see what was so dang funny. I thought it was stupid, probably because, hello, I was only 14, and didn't get all the jokes. But, the one thing I've noticed over the 36 years the now iconic SNL has been on, is that numerous stars have showcased their enormous talent on this show.

Many of the people who have become stars from being on SNL are or were millionaires.
SNL has become a major player and jumping point for comedy actors who want to become BIG stars, millionaires, well known actors, or household names.And they have been doing just that for 36 years. Back in the 1970's SNL was the only show created poking fun at politics,the American way of life, and famous people. Just try and name all of the stars that became major players in the millionaire world. There are essentially hundreds. I will name but a few.Copyright 2011, which means you are not allowed to use, take, steal, borrow, copy and paste this article or its contents without the authors written agreement.

They are:
1.Chevy Chase who starred in National Lampoon's vacation movies.
2.John Belushi who died in the 1980's due to doing too many drugs and living life in excess.
3.Gilda Radner became a well known star and died of cancer in the 1980's.
4.Steve Martin has made many movies after appearing on SNL in the 1970's. You may or may not be aware that Steve Martin was not a regular cast member of SNL, but did appear on SNL quite regularly showcasing his incredible talent. Martin appeared on the Johnny Carson talk show, performing his funny skits, expanding his comedic skills on SNL. Martin performed his now famous, "King Tut," song , created balloon puppets, and branded himself as that, "Wild and crazy guy."
5.Eddie Murphy cast SNL aside in the 1970's as many other SNL cast members did once fame came knocking on their doors. He has starred in numerous movies such as the Shrek movies, The Nutty Professor, Harlem Nights, Beverly Hills Cop, and Trading Places.
6.Martin Short
7. Harry Shearer
8.Joan Cusak
9. Jane Curtain
10.Bill Murrary who starred in Ghostbusters and several other now famous 1980's and 1990's flicks.
11.Conan O'Brien who hasa late night talk show host gig. He recently had this former millionaire SNL actor shave off his beard on his talk show.
12. Will Ferrell has starred in numerous movies including the recent hilarious addition to movie making history, "The Other Guys."
13.Jimmy Fallon
14.Robert Downey Jr. who has made a major comeback of late starring in the "Ironman," movies.
Downey, you may remember had major drug problems and went to rehab and got his act together.
15.Dennis Miller
16.Dana Carvey is well known for being the "Church Lady," and for being "Garth" in the Wayne's World teen flicks.
17.Jon Lovitz
18. Julia Louise Dreyfus, star of "Seinfeld," and her own funny TV show, "The New Old Christine."
19.Seth Meyers starred in a few movies, one of which was, "Journey to the Center of the Earth."
20.Tina Fey who has recently written a funny look at her life called, "Bossypants," stars in the TV series, "30 Rock," and has also starred in many funny movies, such as, "Mean Girls, " and "Date Night."
21. Adam Sandler was so funny on SNL almost everyone remembers "The Hanukkah Song." Sandler has starred in numerous funny and not so funny movies, such as, "Fifty First Dates," "Billy Madison," and "Happy Gilmore."
I have named but a few of the stars who became millionaires after starring on Saturday Night Live. Of course, there are more. You try naming a few. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented writer who began creating stellar articles and greeting card sayings in 2004 professionally!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Million dollar names by Kate Johns

Parents are naming their kids names that are created with the intention of their child becoming the NEXT BIG STAR!! They are million dollar names.
These aren't regular, run of the mill, boring names. It's been going on for about 20 years now.
You heard them: Gwenyth Paltrow naming her daughter Apple. What about the name Ozzy for Ozzy Osborne? Okay, that one came up in a deranged drug fest of large magnitude, and his band manager probably came up with Ozzy.
They are names that get noticed. They are million dollar names such as Rhianna, the pop star.What about Ice-T, Eminem, or Izzy?

Million dollar names are created by parents, pop stars, actors, and even pet owners in hopes that their child, pet or pop star will make millions doing what they do best. They want their little star to be noticed if not for talent, but for their name alone.
More million dollar names:

Kate Middleton recently married Prince William in a ceremony watched by billions the world over. Kate is a straightforward, down to earth sort of girl and so is her name. Her real name Catherine means "pure", and is not a strange, out there kind of name. Kate will soon become the most popular girl's name due to Kate marrying Wills.

Prince. The pop star, Prince has a once in a lifetime name that not too many people have named their kids. Believe it or not this is Prince's real name, not a made up name to get attention. His real name is: Prince Rogers Nelson.

 Sky, Sky can be spelled as Sky or Skye, and is traditionally a girl's name. But anything goes today and this name can of course be a boy's name too, such as Skylar. Ione Skye starred in the 1989 movie, "Anything Goes," and then we didn't see much in the way of major stardom from her.
A names are seriously popular for girls right now. Naming your daughter a name starting with A will assure that your baby will be a star; Alexandria, Alyssa, Allison, Adrianna, Autumn, are all million dollar A girl's names!
 Faith. Longtime million dollar names have always been Faith, Hope and Charity. Millionaire country singer, Faith Hill may be adopted, but she still has a stylish name that has her singing ways still stand country strong.
How's this for a million dollar name---Huckleberry? Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams, named their baby boy Huckleberry, this ridiculous name back in 2007. What do you call him for short--Huck, Huckster?
 Tiger. The golf player star who made millions with his famous stroke. Can you think of anyone else named Tiger, besides Tiger Woods?
 Venus. Venus Williams the tennis playing star has a mean backhand and aces almost all of her serves. She also has a million dollar name, such as Star.
 Sunshine, Summer, Autumn, are all names that are named after nature, but they are all uncommon, million dollar names. Copyright 2011, written by talented author Kate Johns who has been writing professionally since 2004!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ten Ways to improve the Academy Awards by Kate Johns

I was going to write a blog post totally dissing the Academy Awards. But haven't a million bloggers,and reporters already done just that? It's sad when the mozst remembered moment fo the Academy awards is when the best supporting actress winner got the most play for saying the F word on national TV to supposedly a billion people.
The Academy Awards are perhaps the most overrated, most boring show on TV. Even my 83 year old mom doesn't watch the Oscars, because they are too boring! What does that tell you?
The Academy Awards need to be revamped. Here are my 50 year old, astute suggestions:
1. Cut the show down to a shorter non-snoozable length. Do we really need to honor everyone in that amount of time?
2. Cut out the ultra-dull, super snooze-fest of ultra-orchestrated movie songs. They are boring! We hear them while watching something. Get the danged hint!!
3. Allow real hosts to host the Academy Awards, not actors. Bring back a funny, talented comedian. At least for the 83 AA's, Anne Hathaway tried to put some grace, style and humor onto the scene, as her co-host looked dazed and confused throughout the entire ordeal. James Franco---hello---he looked stoned! He was wobbly, his eyes were slits. Take the bong away from him!
4.Please stop acting like the Academy Awards are sooooo danged old school! Boring! Get into the 80's Oscar producers, directors, writers. In other words, get with it, cut out the garbage, the ultra boring songs, and skits and hand out the awards!!
5.Give out a major award earlier!! How about giving out a best actress award before midnight? It may only be 8;30 on the West Coast, but some of us have to work the next day.
6.Stop panning the audience. It's become more interesting to watch the shows before and after the dull Oscars , seeing them walk the red carpet.
7. It tells you something when people would rather hop on the Internet after the Oscars, to get the highlights. Yo Oscar creators, maybe you should put the show on the Internet.
8. How's this suggestion rock you? Stop boring us with the telecast of the Oscars, and give away the awards some other way. Why not just do a fashion show, or show us snippets of the best movies?
9.Please do not, ever again, bring out some old actor dude, who looks half dead. Nooooo, it's like a horror movie come to life!
10, Cut the acceptance speeches down, or out completely. Make it mandatory that only the biggest award winners are allowed to stutter on their thank yous. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, a talented author who has been freelance writing since 2004.

Charlie Sheen is a MESS by Kate Johns

Charlie Sheen is a mess. Charlie Sheen has been fired from his TV comedy, "Two and a Half Men." But that's not the big news. The big news is that Sheen has been badmouthing the producers of Two and a Half Men, and anyone else that comes near him. He sounds like a slightly younger mess comparing his tirades to those of Mel Gibson.
Sheen has been saying nasty, irate things about the show's producers ever since he ran out of the hospital for mysterious stomach pains. My guess, is that the Two and a Half Men creators had enough of Mr. Sheen and his drug problems, rants in the media, and prior arrests.

Charlie Sheen is the typical bad boy who can act his way out of a paper bag. His family tree is filled with actors, with his famous actor Dad, Martin Sheen, famous acting brother Emilio Estevez, and his ex-wife, Denise Richards.
When asked if his current problems will affect his career,Sheen answered the TV cameras with, "I have tiger blood, and Adonis DNA." Sheen also told reporters that he has offers for movie roles such as "Major League 3."
In my book, as well as I'm guessing your book, his recent movie offers are small potatoes compared to starring in a recognizable hit TV show, such as Two and a Half Men.

Sheen is a mess. For a major star to be making stupid comments , as Sheen is saying to media people, is both irresponsible and idiotic! He sounds like Mel Gibson on a good day. Sheen also says he is free of alcohol and drugs. I'm not buying it!
Sheen is messed up. He is in total denial of his drug problems and his major personality disorder. He needs to hit rock bottom before he can climb out again.

Hopefully, Charlie Sheen will get help for his major league drug and personality problems soon before he ends up another celebrity early death story in yet another media frenzy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why we should feel sorry for Child Stars by Kate Johns

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Tiger Woods may have tons of money, but they do not have it all. Here are the reasons we should feel sorry for child stars:

Miley's Dad, Billy Ray, brought this fact front and center by saying he wishes he never let Miley become a young millionaire celebrity type. He feels guilty, because as he says, her stardom has ruined the family. You see Billy Ray and his wife are getting a divorce, and his family is breaking apart.
Well, now that makes me feel bad. Sure, you may be cynical enough to say, "You are a sucker! Billy Ray is just trying to get us real people, to feel bad for him, so that we stop giving Miley a hard time" I just knew you were thinking that!

These child stars realized their potential early on, when the rest of us regular folks, were just watching them on TV.They were each loved, and treated like royalty. We all would love to be rich, but that's not the way it goes. So we adore celebs and treat them like Gods until they make one mistake.
You see, the real reason I feel sorry for these young celebs is because they all gained exactly what they wanted very early in their lives. When they messed up once, they were given hatred from us. We have brought them down, because we feel jealous of them.
That's why I feel sorry for these young celebrity types; they got exactly what they wanted; millions of dollars.Child stars such as Michael Jackson, Drew Barrymore, Corey Haim, all gained major fame, and riches very young, then they all came into major problems.

These child stars never had a real childhood. They did not get to play at the playground, experience recess, or ride a real school bus. All the things we take for granted, they never even saw. For all we know these child stars, felt jealous of us for having friends, having regular birthday parties, for having brothers and sisters, and for having the same boring house to live in seeing our moms, and dads every boring day.
For all we know child stars might want to ditch it all; the fame, the fortune, to just have one regular day in a real home, living a real life. Maybe child stars can't handle all the stress of being responsible for not only their careers, but for other people's as well. They have people who earn money off of them they need to keep on payroll. Many people have jobs because of them. Justin Beiber has a band, songwriters, publicity people, a manager, an agent, etc. All these people have families that depend on them to earn a paycheck. Can you imagine having ALL that riding on your shoulders at the tender age of let's say 10?
So, yes,we should  feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber, and Tiger Woods, for being so young they have too much responsibility and no real childhood. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns who is a talented writer who began her writing career in 2004.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Christina Augilera Screwed Up National Anthem

Christina Aguilera messed up and she messed up badly at the Superbowl. Now that Superbowl 45 is finally over, the ads have been watched, the winning team, The Green Bay Packers are enjoying their strident win over the Pittsburg Steelers, (YAY!). Life is returning to normal.

But, not for Miss Aguilera! Seems the magically inclined, usually smooth as silk singer, messed up the National Anthem so badly Sunday night, hardly anyone noticed.
It was a major flub of an entire line of America's most heralded song, with Christina repeating one line, and leaving out another. When I heard it, it sounded like she screwed up one word., watch,which should have been hailed. But alas it was an entire sentence, "What so proudly we watched, at the twilight's last gleaming."

Seems many people did not get it--must have been the booze ,and fuzzy dreams of yet another Superbowl win, screwing up their listening abilities.
I was disgusted, a superstar of Aguilera's magnitude, singing at the Superbowl, had messed with our National Anthem so badly she messed up one word. HAH! Dude, was I wrong or what? She messed up an entire line.
How does someone who is a millionaire star, who can afford a singing coach to read the words for her, screw up the National Anthem? Hello! She is a mega-millionaire that millions of people look up to, and she can't sing the National Anthem correctly?

She screwed up on purpose people! Now, Aguilera gets major promotional publicity out of her gaff. She gets FREE bad pub, people. It's the kind of pub we all want. Bad new is better than no news.
Bad publicity works!!! It works for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, and have we all forgotten , Britney Spears?!!
Now, Christina will make millions more by selling millions of more records, and cologne because we, fools are reading, and talking about her.
At least the Black Eyed Peas were killer!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ten Really Bad Reality TV Shows by Kate Johns

Saying that reality TV shows are bad, awful, stupid, dumb, or the worst TV shows, is a ridiculous thought. Aren't they really all bad? There are so many reality TV shows, it's hard to keep up with what they are, what channel they are on, and if you should watch them or not. It's become asinine!! Does Mario Lopez need a reality TV show? (He had one for a show or two there.)

1.Jersey Shore.
Good God, why are these---people even on TV? They are unintelligent, low life earthforms, that do nothing but suck up air and take up space. None of the people, (Snooki, the Situation) on this highly rated MTV show are smart, they do not hold jobs, and only have aspirations of being rich and famous. You gotta problem with that?
2.Sister Wives
Sister Wives redfines the word, "creepy. " It's gross, disgusting and not a normal part of American society. About 20 people live together in matrimonial sin as the husband marries four wives, the first for twenty years, while Mr. Creepy takes on new wives every few years. His older wives allow this to happen, while Mr. Creepy continues dating other women adding to his growing harem.
3.Housewives of Series.
After watching three of the different Housewives of New Jersey, Hollywood, New York, I became disgusted. Just about every woman desires to be a 25 year old hooker. The women on the shows want to be rich stars, if they are not already. They all live a life of excess, such as too much spending, too many plastic surgeries, and too many fake friends.
4. After watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, I became very bored. The first show I watched was interesting, with Sarah bringing Bristol along to tough out a day of fish beating, but after one episode, I became bored and tuned into other reality TV shows.
5. American Idol.
American Idol has become major dullsville, and is contrived, and predictable. I only watched AI, to keep up on what's current, but do not enjoy it . Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul made the show fun to watch as they fought and made up. But without Paula and now Simon it can't be good.
6.Ice Truckers was interesting to watch one time also. But how many times can a viewer watch the unhappy truck driver maneuver the wheel on a treacherous road without major boredom setting in?
7. Celebrity Apprentice. Who needs to ever see Donald Trump anywhere? He is an egotistical, boring, strange- haired man, who needs to socialize with other millionaires, and not make more money on TV. Enough said.
8.My Fair Brady. Gross me out! Gag me with a spoon! And where's the barf bag? Fair Brady was a disgusting display of love gone wrong. Former America's Next Top Model winner, Adrianne Curry and former Brady Bunch star from the 1970's, Christopher Knight lived together, got married, and Adrianne temporarily boosted her modeling career with photo shoots from Maxim Magazine. Wait a minute maybe that was another reality TV show star. Knight was about 80 years older than Curry and she was just 20 something. Gross!
9.The Two Coreys.
This show was made only to boost the two sagging careers of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. One of the Coreys was married when , surprise! the other Corey comes to live with them. A sad display of weirdness as two friends reunite, while one's wife tries to jump start her modeling career by posing for... you guessed it, Maxim Magazine.
10.Rock of Love.
Vh1 may have gained major ratings with Brett Michael's strutting around swooning strippers, but this show showed a major low in morals. Who could ever forget Brett making out and having sex on TV while all of his many women competed for his attention. Hey, but what happened to his girlfriend, and his two kids while everyone happily cavorted?
After Rock of Love, then there were several more reality shows of , Love Bus, and Life as I know it.
There are many more really bad reality TV shows, just tune in to any TV channel at night and leave your brain at the door.
Copyrighted 2011, written by Kate johns, a talented professional writer who started her career by creating awesome greeting card sayings.

Sexy Mariska Hargitay Rocks Law and Order By Kate Johns

Mariska Hargitay brings the sexy back to TV, in Law and Order's Special Victim's Unit. Mariska is a great looking, very sexy woman, there is no denying that. But what people probably don't know is those sexy curves, great body and smoldering eyes are the culmination of two people who knew what real sexiness was all about.
Mariska's father was Mickey Hargitay, a former Mr. Universe from Hungary.

*Her mother was super sexy Jayne Mansfield, the big busted blonde bombshell who starred in many movies in the 1950s.
* Hargitay's sexy, but unhappilly married parents divorced before she was even a year old.
*In 1967 when Mariska was 3 years old, her mother died in a car crash. She and her two siblings were in the back seat when the car slammed into a tractor trailer, searing off the top of the car. The three adults inside were instantly killed, but the kids were spared.

* Hargitay says she does not remember the horrific accident.
*Throughout school, she excelled. She was a cheerleader, and participated in student government and in athletics.
*She attended the University of California at Los Angeles for theater.
*In 1983, she appeared in her first movie with a bit part in Bob Fosse's "Dorothy Stratten."
*In 1985, she appeared in her second movie, the B-flick "Ghoulies."
Hargitay starred in a movie about her father's life as a bodybuilder, in 1988.
*For the next several years, she acted in several B-movies, such as "The Perfect Weapon."
*During the 1990s, Hargitay appeared in many TV shows including "Baywatch," "Wiseguy," "Key West" and "Seinfeld."
*Then a major break: In the role of Cynthia Cooper on the TV drama "ER," she literally cast a major glow. Based on that performance, she was given the role of the sexy Olivia Benson on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit."
*"Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" began in 1999, and is still having a successful run today.
* Hargitay has won numerous awards for her poignant portrayal of Olivia on "Law and Order." She won six Emmys starting in 2004 and two Golden Globe Awards, one in 2005 and one in 2009.
More facts about Mariska Hargitay:
*She has two half-sisters, two brothers and a half brother from her mother's three marriages.
* Hargitay was crowned Miss Beverly Hills in 1982.
*She enjoys traveling and often vacations in Rome.
*Hargitay is not only sexy, but smart as well. She speaks four languages: English, French, Italian and Hungarian.
*She has given theater a whirl. by appearing in Los Angeles productions of "Salad Days" and "Women's Work."
*Hargitay married actor Peter Hermann in August 2004, who did a guest stint on her TV drama.
*At the age of 42, she had her first baby, and still looks sexy hot today!

*She established a charity for abused children called the Spirit of the Dolphin. It helps kids to swim with dolphins in Hawaii.
Mariska was born the product of two sexy people, and brings the sexiness to Law and Order.

Copyrighted material.