Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ten Really Bad Reality TV Shows by Kate Johns

Saying that reality TV shows are bad, awful, stupid, dumb, or the worst TV shows, is a ridiculous thought. Aren't they really all bad? There are so many reality TV shows, it's hard to keep up with what they are, what channel they are on, and if you should watch them or not. It's become asinine!! Does Mario Lopez need a reality TV show? (He had one for a show or two there.)

1.Jersey Shore.
Good God, why are these---people even on TV? They are unintelligent, low life earthforms, that do nothing but suck up air and take up space. None of the people, (Snooki, the Situation) on this highly rated MTV show are smart, they do not hold jobs, and only have aspirations of being rich and famous. You gotta problem with that?
2.Sister Wives
Sister Wives redfines the word, "creepy. " It's gross, disgusting and not a normal part of American society. About 20 people live together in matrimonial sin as the husband marries four wives, the first for twenty years, while Mr. Creepy takes on new wives every few years. His older wives allow this to happen, while Mr. Creepy continues dating other women adding to his growing harem.
3.Housewives of Series.
After watching three of the different Housewives of New Jersey, Hollywood, New York, I became disgusted. Just about every woman desires to be a 25 year old hooker. The women on the shows want to be rich stars, if they are not already. They all live a life of excess, such as too much spending, too many plastic surgeries, and too many fake friends.
4. After watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, I became very bored. The first show I watched was interesting, with Sarah bringing Bristol along to tough out a day of fish beating, but after one episode, I became bored and tuned into other reality TV shows.
5. American Idol.
American Idol has become major dullsville, and is contrived, and predictable. I only watched AI, to keep up on what's current, but do not enjoy it . Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul made the show fun to watch as they fought and made up. But without Paula and now Simon it can't be good.
6.Ice Truckers was interesting to watch one time also. But how many times can a viewer watch the unhappy truck driver maneuver the wheel on a treacherous road without major boredom setting in?
7. Celebrity Apprentice. Who needs to ever see Donald Trump anywhere? He is an egotistical, boring, strange- haired man, who needs to socialize with other millionaires, and not make more money on TV. Enough said.
8.My Fair Brady. Gross me out! Gag me with a spoon! And where's the barf bag? Fair Brady was a disgusting display of love gone wrong. Former America's Next Top Model winner, Adrianne Curry and former Brady Bunch star from the 1970's, Christopher Knight lived together, got married, and Adrianne temporarily boosted her modeling career with photo shoots from Maxim Magazine. Wait a minute maybe that was another reality TV show star. Knight was about 80 years older than Curry and she was just 20 something. Gross!
9.The Two Coreys.
This show was made only to boost the two sagging careers of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. One of the Coreys was married when , surprise! the other Corey comes to live with them. A sad display of weirdness as two friends reunite, while one's wife tries to jump start her modeling career by posing for... you guessed it, Maxim Magazine.
10.Rock of Love.
Vh1 may have gained major ratings with Brett Michael's strutting around swooning strippers, but this show showed a major low in morals. Who could ever forget Brett making out and having sex on TV while all of his many women competed for his attention. Hey, but what happened to his girlfriend, and his two kids while everyone happily cavorted?
After Rock of Love, then there were several more reality shows of , Love Bus, and Life as I know it.
There are many more really bad reality TV shows, just tune in to any TV channel at night and leave your brain at the door.
Copyrighted 2011, written by Kate johns, a talented professional writer who started her career by creating awesome greeting card sayings.

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