Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus Clan Welcoming New Baby

After seeing the headline of "Billy Ray Cyrus Going to become a Grandfather",my first thought was, "What! Miley Cyrus is going to have a baby?" Horrified, I shouted the news to my daughter--- an avid Miley Cyrus fan.
Then I found out the earth shattering news; former Disney star, Brenda Song and Billy Ray Cyrus's oldest son,Trace, will be having a baby.
I was actually relieved that Miley Cyrus was not the one having the baby considering she has been a pre-teen and teen mentor for years now. With young, impressionable girls looking up to Miley, I was glad to hear it wasn't Miley who was pregnant, but that it is indeed Brenda Song who is about 25 years old. You may remember that Brenda Song was one of the stars on the Disney show, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."
Here's where it may get confusing:
Trace is Billy Ray Cyrus's oldest adopted child, brought into this whole millionaire thing when Billy Ray married his second wife Tish, (I think, that's right.)
Trace was born on February 24, 1989, in Ashland Kentucky, and is the older half brother of Miley Cyrus and his other (what seems like a lot of kids), siblings.
Trace also dated another Disney star; Demi Lovato, who has not been heard from since announcing she had a drug problem last year. Trace is in his own band, called Metro Station. The Great American Country website did not say when Trace and Brenda expect their new arrival, but did highlight Billy's newest TV show;"Billy Ray Cyrus; I'm American," shown on GAC.  Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, who is a talented writer, having started her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

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