Monday, October 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian files for divorce Halloween morning by Kate Johns

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Kim Kardashian only married Kris Humphries to get major publicity to make more money. The proof is in the pudding!
How do I know this? Kim filed for divorce from her hubby of 72 days, Halloween morning.
Of course, the official reason is irreconcilable differences. The unofficial reason is because Kim and Kris couldn't figure out where they would live.This is of course all according to TMZ.

All I'm saying is a big, fat sarcastic----give me a break!!!

You mean to tell me Kim and Kris couldn't come to a happy conclusion about where they would live? How about compromising? I'm sorry but that's what we down to earth, regular people who are not millionaires do, we live in the same houses with our spouses because we usually can't afford to live in four different homes.

 Now it is all crystal clear. Kim gets to keep the huge diamond ring of 20.5 carats. They spent a reported 10 million dollars on a wedding that was televised on The Kardashians reality TV show and the Kardashians were the talk of the town for weeks.
If this is absolutely true that Kim is divorcing Kris after only 72 days, I'm left wondering what major publicity stunt the Kardashians will pull next.What is left after having a sex tape, getting engaged on your reality TV show, marrying a pro-athelete on TV, and starting your own line of clothing?

Wait there's more---having Kris Jenner, Kim's mom appear on every major newsshow across America promoting her new book about who else----The Kardashians. Kris is telling everyone that Kim is a good role model for young girls,also saying Kim will be fine. What is happening is that Kris Jenner is doing damage control.

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Conny said...

You weren't the only one who knew this Kate, just about everybody did. Sluts like her are only in it for the money. I hope from this day forward she never has a day's luck and she ultimately chokes on her diamond.