Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Middleton photographed topless, causing a Royal Scandal by Kate Johns

Kate Middleton goes topless for attention, and gets pregnant soon after! Written by Kate Johns

Give me a break!! Who cares, and so what? Does Kate Middleton's nakedness make any difference in our lives?
The big brouhaha, is that Kate Middleton was photographed from a distance by unseemly paparazzi that got a couple of shots of Kate lying topless outside. She was obviously trying to get suntanned. She was as sources say at "a private house."

If Kate Middleton didn't want her breasts shown in public, then HELLO, why was she lying out topless---anywhere?


Let me explain my statement, before you start arguing:

The Royals, live under a microscope. They must know this when they have photographers following them everywhere they go. Now, someone who marries into the Royal Family would probably not be a shy person. This means that she or he, would be the kind of person who loves getting attention. She or he will probably enjoy living in the limelight. Britain's Royals are under continual scrutiny, and they are continually watched.They have to know, (unless they are dimwits), that they are living life in a fishbowl. So that goes to say that Prince Harry who was photographed completely naked, having his pics sold to TMZ, for $10,000, that this will happen to all of the young good looking Royals at one time or another.
So, Kate Middleton is lying out tanning topless at a private house, with her husband in attendance.
Whoopee!! And who cares? This is France, where topless tanning, and topless beach going is what is normally done in France. Many nations of the world are more than okay with topless, or naked  OUTSIDE tanning and beach going.


Why is this such a scandal that a Royal was photographed topless anywhere?
It's old hat! Sarah Ferguson was photographed in the 1990's topless with a man, who was not her husband . They made a huge scandal out of that. Is this such a scandalous thing to have happen in 2012?
Besides, when a person marries a Royal do people really think a person like Kate Middleton is marrying him because she is so sweet, and nice, and shy? NOT! She is marrying Prince William because she wants to be in the public limelight. And sorry to say, but she is the one lying out topless at a so called private house. She can't be that shy, if she is going outside topless!
This means,  Kate Middleton  craves attention. She is young. She is pretty. She has a nice body. She is using what she has to gain attention. She is upping Prince Harry's body attention getting scandal and giving yet more press, (bad and good ), to the Royals. This increases their net worth, by having more people taking pics of any Royal they can. People will travel to London to see the Royals. Ultimately it is good for tourism.
Does anyone really mind, thus cancelling their afternoon tea with Kate and her Prince husband?
Seriously doubt it! The Royals will probably be invited to more events, gain more popularity, thus becoming richer,and increase sales of numerous scandal ridden rags! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns.

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