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Millionaire Saturday Night Live Stars by Kate Johns

I started watching Saturday Night Live back when it went on the air, back in 1975. I was just 14, and I really did not see what was so dang funny. I thought it was stupid, probably because, hello, I was only 14, and didn't get all the jokes. But, the one thing I've noticed over the 36 years the now iconic SNL has been on, is that numerous stars have showcased their enormous talent on this show.

Many of the people who have become stars from being on SNL are or were millionaires.
SNL has become a major player and jumping point for comedy actors who want to become BIG stars, millionaires, well known actors, or household names.And they have been doing just that for 36 years. Back in the 1970's SNL was the only show created poking fun at politics,the American way of life, and famous people. Just try and name all of the stars that became major players in the millionaire world. There are essentially hundreds. I will name but a few.Copyright 2011, which means you are not allowed to use, take, steal, borrow, copy and paste this article or its contents without the authors written agreement.

They are:
1.Chevy Chase who starred in National Lampoon's vacation movies.
2.John Belushi who died in the 1980's due to doing too many drugs and living life in excess.
3.Gilda Radner became a well known star and died of cancer in the 1980's.
4.Steve Martin has made many movies after appearing on SNL in the 1970's. You may or may not be aware that Steve Martin was not a regular cast member of SNL, but did appear on SNL quite regularly showcasing his incredible talent. Martin appeared on the Johnny Carson talk show, performing his funny skits, expanding his comedic skills on SNL. Martin performed his now famous, "King Tut," song , created balloon puppets, and branded himself as that, "Wild and crazy guy."
5.Eddie Murphy cast SNL aside in the 1970's as many other SNL cast members did once fame came knocking on their doors. He has starred in numerous movies such as the Shrek movies, The Nutty Professor, Harlem Nights, Beverly Hills Cop, and Trading Places.
6.Martin Short
7. Harry Shearer
8.Joan Cusak
9. Jane Curtain
10.Bill Murrary who starred in Ghostbusters and several other now famous 1980's and 1990's flicks.
11.Conan O'Brien who hasa late night talk show host gig. He recently had this former millionaire SNL actor shave off his beard on his talk show.
12. Will Ferrell has starred in numerous movies including the recent hilarious addition to movie making history, "The Other Guys."
13.Jimmy Fallon
14.Robert Downey Jr. who has made a major comeback of late starring in the "Ironman," movies.
Downey, you may remember had major drug problems and went to rehab and got his act together.
15.Dennis Miller
16.Dana Carvey is well known for being the "Church Lady," and for being "Garth" in the Wayne's World teen flicks.
17.Jon Lovitz
18. Julia Louise Dreyfus, star of "Seinfeld," and her own funny TV show, "The New Old Christine."
19.Seth Meyers starred in a few movies, one of which was, "Journey to the Center of the Earth."
20.Tina Fey who has recently written a funny look at her life called, "Bossypants," stars in the TV series, "30 Rock," and has also starred in many funny movies, such as, "Mean Girls, " and "Date Night."
21. Adam Sandler was so funny on SNL almost everyone remembers "The Hanukkah Song." Sandler has starred in numerous funny and not so funny movies, such as, "Fifty First Dates," "Billy Madison," and "Happy Gilmore."
I have named but a few of the stars who became millionaires after starring on Saturday Night Live. Of course, there are more. You try naming a few. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented writer who began creating stellar articles and greeting card sayings in 2004 professionally!

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