Monday, May 2, 2011

Million dollar names by Kate Johns

Parents are naming their kids names that are created with the intention of their child becoming the NEXT BIG STAR!! They are million dollar names.
These aren't regular, run of the mill, boring names. It's been going on for about 20 years now.
You heard them: Gwenyth Paltrow naming her daughter Apple. What about the name Ozzy for Ozzy Osborne? Okay, that one came up in a deranged drug fest of large magnitude, and his band manager probably came up with Ozzy.
They are names that get noticed. They are million dollar names such as Rhianna, the pop star.What about Ice-T, Eminem, or Izzy?

Million dollar names are created by parents, pop stars, actors, and even pet owners in hopes that their child, pet or pop star will make millions doing what they do best. They want their little star to be noticed if not for talent, but for their name alone.
More million dollar names:

Kate Middleton recently married Prince William in a ceremony watched by billions the world over. Kate is a straightforward, down to earth sort of girl and so is her name. Her real name Catherine means "pure", and is not a strange, out there kind of name. Kate will soon become the most popular girl's name due to Kate marrying Wills.

Prince. The pop star, Prince has a once in a lifetime name that not too many people have named their kids. Believe it or not this is Prince's real name, not a made up name to get attention. His real name is: Prince Rogers Nelson.

 Sky, Sky can be spelled as Sky or Skye, and is traditionally a girl's name. But anything goes today and this name can of course be a boy's name too, such as Skylar. Ione Skye starred in the 1989 movie, "Anything Goes," and then we didn't see much in the way of major stardom from her.
A names are seriously popular for girls right now. Naming your daughter a name starting with A will assure that your baby will be a star; Alexandria, Alyssa, Allison, Adrianna, Autumn, are all million dollar A girl's names!
 Faith. Longtime million dollar names have always been Faith, Hope and Charity. Millionaire country singer, Faith Hill may be adopted, but she still has a stylish name that has her singing ways still stand country strong.
How's this for a million dollar name---Huckleberry? Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams, named their baby boy Huckleberry, this ridiculous name back in 2007. What do you call him for short--Huck, Huckster?
 Tiger. The golf player star who made millions with his famous stroke. Can you think of anyone else named Tiger, besides Tiger Woods?
 Venus. Venus Williams the tennis playing star has a mean backhand and aces almost all of her serves. She also has a million dollar name, such as Star.
 Sunshine, Summer, Autumn, are all names that are named after nature, but they are all uncommon, million dollar names. Copyright 2011, written by talented author Kate Johns who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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