Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What happened to Miley Cyrus,and Charlie Sheen? by Kate Johns

I've got several newsworthy, nosey questions to ask of you; what happened to Miley Cyrus,and Charlie Sheen?
These truly important questions might make it impossible for all of us to get through to the next day without discovering what happened to these very important people.

Charlie Sheen,and Miley Cyrus are by all means celebrities who if were unheard from the world would not stop turning. But celebrity followers, photographers, and regular folks like you and me, would not get our taste of gossip, or make more money from these celebrities.
But, when you REALLY think about it, what happened to these millionaire celebs? One day we heard so much from and about Miley Cyrus that we soon became sick of her, and could not force ourselves to buy any more of her merchandise. Did you buy a Miley lunchbox, or shirt for your daughter or granddaughter that you want to unload? Miley Cyrus was everywhere. Mainstream media was loaded with Miley shows, music awards, and music videos. Miley was seen in a movie, and was plastered on and in every magazine and she was seen on almost every Internet site available to man.
Then, suddenly, Miley was gone. And now we miss her. HA-HA! So, NOT!! It's different in our house now without the Hannah Montana Disney show causing me to search for peaceful solitude away from Miley's grating voice. I get the feeling Miley is trying to ditch the paparazzi currently, while getting new tattoos made though.

As for Charlie Sheen, let's hope he is getting his act together, now that his Goddesses have left him for Whereverville. Too bad Charlie lost it though, because he was incredibly funny on his TV show, "Two and A Half Men." Although Ashton Kutcher is a good looking hunk of guy, Charlie played a seriously funny TV role of what he is really like. Last I heard, he was making a new Major League  baseball flick, and he was seen hanging out with one of his ex-wives. I saw this rumored romance between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards in Wal-mart while standing in the check out line.  I have to say, I don't feel sorry for him, because he did this to himself, and he was offered his acting gig back, but refused to go back to Two and a Half Men.

Wouldn't it be nice, for a change if we didn't see new headlines popping up that Charlie Sheen overdosed on drugs, or that Miley Cyrus was not pole dancing on a TV show meant for kids? Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented, professional author who started her professional writing career as a greeting card writer.

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