Monday, September 19, 2011

Why are we placing talentless stars onto pedestals? by kate johns

Why are we placing wanna be talentless stars into the limelight, watching their horrible reality TV shows, helping these cretins without moral fiber, ethics, and who usually have some sort of major mental problem onto a pedestal so high they become instant famous millionaires?
It's not just Americans who are placing Snooki, Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell onto the pedestal of success.

It's sickening, baby that we have no morals!

Why do we keep allowing people who have no morals, no standards, and who would otherwise be burger flippers, or living on the street, to become millionaires?
Guess what people, I'll tell you why, because we are bored with our ho-hum, boring lives where we work our butts off. We are tired of working hard attempting to attain the American dream, only to come home and work hard some more; making dinner, taking care of the kids, cleaning, doing dishes, (you know what I mean).
That's why we allow people who are  completely different, crazy, attention seeking hos,  who have no morals, and no ethics, loyalty etc, to become the celebrity stars we look up to. Yes, one reason is because we are bored with our lives.

Leading a rock star existence!

The other reason is because we either openly or secretly want to live the life of a rock star. Who wouldn't want to make millions from basically doing nothing? Why wouldn't you want to make an appearance at a nightclub only to have an adoring throng love you from afar? Almost everyone wants to be loved, whether that is by one person or by millions. It is proven every day with people making thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Many millions if not billions of people want to lead a life where hard work doesn't pay off, because they don't do any. After watching a few minutes of Jersey Shore, I figured what a great life these young, good looking Jersey Shore partiers must have. They get up at noon, go out and get drunk, wear shimmering short dresses, in style clothes,and no underwear, and do what they want when they want to. Is this really reality?

Reality TV show stars are new role models

What it comes down is we are putting talentless, unintelligent people in positions of power enabling teens, young adults and some adults as well in a position thinking this is how life should be lived. They live life exactly how they want without any consequences, without any responsibilities, and life is exciting, and fun.What it comes down to is reality TV show celebrities have become some of the worst role models for our youth.
At one point in time millionaire celebrities were people who were adored from afar, who lived lives of stunning beauty, and lived more private lives without paparazzi following every little thing they did.

Today, however, due to the excess of  celebrity TV shows, media fodder, and the Internet, we see everything millionaire celebrities do everyday. If a celeb loses a lot of weight, we find out right away.
We are making talentless people like Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Camille Grammer, and other reality TV show stars instant celebrities that show what "real life" is really like. I don't know about your life, but my life is pretty dull ,where no one is following me around with a camera, and I've never had a hair pulling contest with any of my girlfriends. Oh yea, and I never made out with any of them either!

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