Friday, January 27, 2012

Famous Aquarians by Kate Johns

Aquarians are the most out going, fun loving people you will ever meet. Most people who are born under the sign of Aquarius are social people who love to be the center of attention. That's why many Aquarians become famous celebrity types. Written by Kate johns, who is also an Aquarian.

Considering that currently we are in the sign of the Aquarius on the calendar, which goes from January 20 until February 18, I decided to look into just how many millionaire celebrities there really are. There are so many famous Aquarians, that you probably wouldn't believe exactly how long the list is. Therefore, this blog posting is a more selfish one, because I too was born under the sign of Aquarius, (although I'm not rich and famous). I decided to let the world know, particularly we Aquarians, just what familiar faces were also born under our social, fun, creative, winter birthday sign.

So here they are, millionaire celebrities that are also Aquarians:

1. John Belushi starred on SNL for a few short years. John Belushi made the Samurai sword wielding guy funny, and took comedy to a whole new solar system. But he did way too many drugs and died young in 1982. He was born in 1949.
2. Famous for being a mobster, Jimmy Hoffa was also born under the sign of Aquarius in 1913, and died at the hands of what has been reported to be other mobsters in 1975. People have been speculating for years exactly where Hoffa was encased in cement shoes or if his dead body became part of the Brooklyn Bridge.
3. Famous first husband of Cher, Sonny Bono, was born in 1935, and died in a skiing accident in 1998.
4. Buffalo born wild man Rick James, was born in 1948 and died of a heart attack in 2004.
5. John Travolta has led an illustrious acting career spanning four decades. This millionaire actor got his start as Vinnie, on the TV show, "Welcome Back Kotter". Travolta owns several planes and knows how to pilot them.
6.Guitar player extraordinaire, Eddie Van Halen was born in 1955, and is still alive today. While married to Valerie Bertinelli, Eddie Van Halen was known for major guitar riffs and  played guitar in the closet so he would not wake up his bride.
7.Christie Brinkley won lucrative modeling contracts with her winning smile, and beautifully coiffed hair in the 1980's, and still is modeling today. She was born in 1954, and Christie Brinkley was married to singer Billy Joel.
8.Sheryl Crow started her singing career as a backup singer for Michael Jackson becoming famous on her own merits. Sheryl Crow was born in 1962.
9. Famous restaurateur, Howard Johnson became a millionaire by expanding his once sought after restaurant fare many years ago. He was born in 1897, and died in 1972.
10.This famous Aquarius was born in 1962. Country crooner, Garth Brooks, had many country hits in the 1990's and is currently married to Trisha Yearwood.
11.Singer songwriter, and seemingly always bald drummer, Phil Collins was born in 1951, started out with supergroup Genesis, and became a monster hit making machine on his own in the 1980's.
12.Guess who else was a famous Aquarian? Not sure if Thomas Edison was a millionaire in his time, but he was one of the famous inventor's of electricity, and helped Alexander Bell invent the telephone. He was born in 1847 and died in 1931.
13. Etta James sang the blues throughout her entire life, and recently died. Etta James was born in 1938, dying in 2012.
14. Famous Aquarian, hotel heiress, and very social socialite, Paris Hilton was born in 1981,and is famous for being famous. Paris Hilton has made millions of dollars from her books, one written by her dog, and from her cologne, and movie roles.
15. Rapper, actor, Ice-T, was born in 1960, and is currently enjoying his stint , since 2000 as a cop on the TV show,"Law and Order", after writing a song called "Cop Killer. "
16. Another famous Aquarian , actress Diane Lane, was born in 1965.
17. Shakira was born in 1977, and has had a string of sultry pop hits. currently you can gaze upon Shakira's beauty on the hit TV show, "The Voice."
18. Justin Timberlake was born in 1981, has had a string of hit songs, has acted in several movies, including, "The Social Network", and has appeared as a guest host numerous times on SNL.
19.Ellen De Generes who just celebrated her 54 birthday, (you do the math), is a famous talk show host/comedienne, who brings a little fun to our ho-hum lives.
20.Tom Brokaw who was born in 1940 is a famous  semi-retired TV newscaster, who has the famous mumbling speech problem.
21. Bobby Brown is a famous Aquarian, who is currently more well known for his famous bad boy antics than for his famous hit. "It's My Prerogative."
22.Famous songstress, Natalie Cole, and daughter of the famously talented singer, Nat King Cole, was born into this world in 1950 as an Aquarian.
23.Song writer extraordinaire, Neil Diamond has written hit making songs for so many years, we just keep expecting him to crank out the hits. Neil Diamond was born in 1941, and even wrote songs for the hit 1960's TV show, "The Monkees."
24. Michael Hutchence was born in January of 1960. Hutchence took his life in a weird way back in 1997, by hanging himself at the Ritz Carlton in Australia. Michael Hutchence was the lead singer for the Aussie band---INXS.
25.Last but not least on my famous Aquarians list is Ashton Kutcher. Lately Ashton is more famous for his marriage breakup with Demi Moore than for his acting abilities. He's currently making millions upon millions to star in the Tv show, "Two and a Half Men." Ashton Kutcher was born in 1978. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, who started her career, creating greeting cards in 2004.


tiyhana roddy said...

great list but how could you leave out Oprah & Michael Jordan

Anonymous said...

Amen how could you leave out Oprah, Michael Jordan & Andre "Dr. Dre" Young a music producer.

Anonymous said...

Or Bob Marley

red faction said...

I think this list could go on forever ...Abraham Lincoln , Eva Braun , Anton Chekov, Charles Dickins , Emperor Hadrian, Johnny Rotten , Manet, Bob Marley , Mozart , Ayn Rand ...etc...etc..etc....., and of you knew I was going to say that :)

Anonymous said...

as well as Wayne Gretzky, Martin Luther King and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The list goes on.

Themba Madini said...

Was wondering whether there are any wealthy and famous Aquarians out there, you have convinced me. I'm on my way to make my millions, since it so possible - watch me.