Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bobbi Kristina in sexual relationship with her step brother by Kate Johns

I discovered this bit of sick, gross, perverted, twisted information the other day; that Whitney Houston's daughter is sleeping with her brother. Sleeping with, having sex with, as in Facebook status: in a relationship. But Hello she is doing the nasty with her brother.
Can you say----Gross, with a capital G?  How about disgusting, vomit-inducing?Whitney Houston is rolling over in her grave with this one. 

TMZ reported pictures of Bobbi Kristina in a public showy embrace of intimacy with her "adopted brother", Nick Gordon. Usually I don't stoop to super low levels of gossip. But this one I had to report on. It was just too juicy ,and gross to gloss over. At least I didn't say anything, or show pictures of Kim Kardashian doing what she does best----taking her clothes off for publicity!

There's more information, but I didn't use this as my title---
According to Star Magazine, (which is one of those major gossip rags)----
Bobbi Kristina Brown has  reportedly become secretly engaged to her "adopted brother".

Her adopted brother is Nick Gordon, who by the way we never heard of until right now.
They have become engaged according to Star Magazine. He is 22, she is 19. Whitney died a short time ago.
Call me catty, but Hello, Bobbie Kristina Brown stands to inherit 10 million dollars and all of Whitney's material possessions, including her clothing, her house, jewelry, everything. Nick, the man  behind the scenes, did not inherit anything monetary, except Bobbi's heart.

Whitney Houston took in Nick when he was 12 years old after his father went to prison,and his mother could not care for him.

Bobbi and her brother are living alone in Whitney's home, and are now reportedly engaged, even though they are step brother and step sister. Sure, it might be that they are not real brother and sister---they are not related by blood, but they still are obviously in love, or in lust, and she is vulnerable. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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