Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dick Clark remembered for his classic style by Kate Johns

Dick Clark was a true icon of  the 20th Century!

Dick Clark was a truly classic, stylish, famous millionaire celebrity. He was not the type of guy that you would see hawking a new book, or trashing other celebrities. Dick Clark had class. Dick Clark was the man.
That's they way I will always remember Dick Clark as a truly classic, stylish kind of guy who had great spirit and determination.

Dick Clark, was called, "America's oldest teenager", because he was the host of American Bandstand for thirty years, and he looked the same age for many years. That is until he had a stroke in December of 2004. At first Clark wanted everyone to think he only had a mild stroke, but it became apparent  after Clark could not appear on his Rocking New Year's Eve show that same year, that he did not have a mild stoke. Clark admitted later on that he had to learn how to do the simplest things again, like walking, talking, and doing what everyone else takes for granted everyday.

I remember watching Dick Clark's American Bandstand show when I was an impressionable young teenager. But once college started and MTV came along, I was too busy and engrossed with life to watch it anymore. I loved watching American Bandstand. The show served as awesome glimpse into the pop music of that era.
It was fun to watch the show with America's oldest teenager interviewing Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rick James, and many other notable hit making stars from the 1960's,70's and the 1980's. Dick Clark seemed very comfortable talking to pop stars of the day, asking them various questions like asking Madonna what she wanted to do with her life. Her answer was something of a shock as she stated, "I want to rule the world."
I loved watching American Bandstand when Dick Clark would interview teens and young adults asking them to rate songs and give a short review of them. The answers were awesome when kids answered with, "I give it an eight Dick, because it had a good beat, and I could dance to it."
I watched American Bandstand faithfully every Saturday until I grew up, becoming too old to sit and watch the show. You know that job thing got in the way, I guess.

When Dick Clark announced on his New Year's Eve Rocking show that he had a stroke I was grossed out. I said things like, "How could he go on TV like that?" But after having a stroke in 2009, I  realized how incredibly brave he was to do that and what a truly great man Dick Clark was. He didn't seem to care if he was gorgeous enough to go on TV, he just did it.
And that my friends is what made Dick Clark a truly classy, down to earth, regular kind of guy! Copyright 2012, written by talented freelance writer Kate Johns. Copyright means you are not allowed to take, borrow, steal, use, or copy and paste any portion of this article due it being an infringement of a writer's rights!

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