Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who is bad boy John Mayer dating now? by Kate Johns

Musical artist John Mayer may only be 36 years old, but he has packed a lifetime of dating
experience into his young life. Not only has he created several hit songs, but he done something  most
men only dream about, he has dated many famous women.
With John Mayer's young boyish good looks , he uses his soft voice, his sweet disposition and seduces throngs of women into buying  his soulful, beautiful songs.
Mayer is not the good guy that we may all think he really is. John Mayer is a bad boy in disguise, he is a male s-l-u-t!! Mayer seduces famous women dating them for a short time, then he moves on as a shark would moving onto it's next unknowing victim.
He reminds me of another very famous, millionaire star----Leonardo De Caprio who uses his boyish
good looks, talented swagger,as he dates famous super models. Written by Kate Johns

Here is some of the dating history of the ever so talented John Mayer:

John Mayer who was born on October 16, 1977, briefly dated actress Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2002.
In 2006 he dated the now married, Jessica Simpson, for nine months.
In September of 2007, he dated actress, Minka Kelly.
Soon after he was spotted with former "Friends", star----Jennifer Aniston. They carried on with an on again off again romance. splitting up in March 2009.
John Mayer then moved on to date much younger country singer, Taylor Swift. They sang a song together in 2010, called, "Half of My Heart."
Then she wrote a song about John, called , "Dear John", which she recorded onto her , "Speak Now", album.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot this one, recently in August of 2012, Mayer was spotted with the ultra famous, former Christian rocker, Katy Perry. I wonder who is next for this bad boy who looks anything but bad, and writes beautiful songs, to attack in the dating pool?

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