Monday, July 30, 2012

Top ten celebrities you wouldn't want to be neighbors of by Kate Johns

Top ten celebrities you don't want to live next to and why
Recently while perusing articles online, I saw a survey of what celebrities people would like to live next to. Guess who came in on the top ten; why Jennifer Aniston and her current boyfriend, that's who. written by author Kate Johns, who started writing professionally creating greeting card sayings in 2004.
That's when I started thinking of what celebrities I wouldn't want to live next to.  That got me to thinking of what celebrities I wouldn't want my family being neighbors of,and I'm certain the celebrities you wouldn't want to be neighbors of either.
Here's the top ten list of celebrities you and I don't want to live next to:
1. Lady Gaga---- After hearing that her 40-year-old personal assistant is suing her for 3,000 hours of overtime, Gaga sounds like a selfish pain in the butt. Even though, she wouldn't be home much, you wouldn't want her knocking on your front door, when the Cd's stop selling, and she's a drugged out, sobbing, massive mess!
2. Madonna--Even though my husband and I will never have to worry about amassing 350 million dollars in a personal fortune, I still have to say it----Never, ever do I want to live next to Madonna. She let her oldest brother live under a bridge! Madonna also employed her one brother, and bickered with him about payments owed.
3. Kathy Lee Gifford--- The For Sale sign would go on the front lawn as soon as Frank or Kathy Lee stumbled out of an expensive vehicle. Is hate too strong a word? I despised seeing Kathy Lee on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. The story became really old, really fast when all she talked about was Cody this and Cody that. No wonder Frank had an affair!!
4 Katy Perry---She sold out for money. Katy Perry was a Christian rocker, and when that didn't make her a millionaire, she switched to pop star. Besides, her  gross ex-hubby, Russell Brand is a greasy, display of disgustingness.Thank God, they didn't have kids!
5. Kim Kardashian---Kim K. couldn't decide where she and Kris Humphries were going to live, so no thanks to living next door to her. Besides, I don't want my kids subjected to Kim Kardashian's display of selfishness!
6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt--My husband absolutely lusts after Angelina Jolie, so that would never work out!
7. Miley Cyrus---Being Miley Cyrus's nearest neighbor would not work out for us. My husband can't sleep with any light entering the bedroom. Therefore with all those paparazzi lights, and prying cameras taking pictures of Miley Cyrus at all hours of the day and night----I just know it would never work out.being our next door neighbor.
8. Mariah Carey----living next door to Mariah Carey would not work for my family. Mariah's world centers around Mariah. When you think about it, maybe if you are male you w
9.Selena Gomez---She's young. She's gorgeous. She can sing and she can act. And my hubby lusts after Selena Gomez also. So, nope that would not work, with Selena Gomez
ould want to live next door to Miss Curvaceous. She strips her clothes off at the drop of a hat, so that might be fascinating for the opposite sex.
10. Tom Cruise--Even though Tom Cruise is near my age, and he is muscular and cute, I can't see Tom and his family living next door to my family. You see, Mr. Cruise is way over the top, and probably owns multiple way over the top residences, such as one on top of a snowy mountain, only reachable by helicopter.
Even though we regular, down to earth people, would never have to worry about any of this, we can dream for a moment, thinking of what celebrities we don't want to live next door to, such as Ozzy Osbourne, or the Queen of England. Possibly for the same reason: you can't understand anything they say! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns----a professional writer who has been writing up a storm since 2004!

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