Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top ten most highly over paid American jobs by Kate Johns

Here is my take at the top ten most over paid jobs in America:

1. Highly over paid actors make the job of acting in front of several cameras and a crew of numerous people, look easy.Why not Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore have made millions starring in movies. Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid sitcom star to date. 

2. Successful rock stars---how easy is standing on a stage having adoring fans watching you act like a major poser? People love you, follow you everywhere you go and wait on your every need. How hard is it to write songs with lots of rhymes and pop tart tastes? Who wouldn't love having groupies throw themselves at you, have people tell you they love you and have them do whatever you desire?

3. Hugely successful sports athletes---REALLY!! Do we sports fans really need to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in uncomfortable seats at sports games like basketball, or football to pay highly paid hugely successful salaries of sports stars? Isn't it bad enough we have to pay 20 bucks to park our cars in a lot for three hours while paying way too much money for stale popcorn and watered down over priced beers?

4. Anything Jennifer Lopez does---Let's face it, ever since Jennifer Lopez has been on American Idol, she has been a super sought after star. She makes it look easy being Jennifer Lopez and she made Forbes list of highest paid women last year, beating out just about every other successful woman.

5. Anything Tiger Woods does. Ever since Tiger Woods became a household name denoting shame, he has been the talk of the town. Highly successful pro golfer, Tiger Woods divorced his wife Elin, still holding on to his millions, has gone on to win a few golf matches, championships, and is now dating another blonde, skier Lindsey Vonn.

6. Football quarterbacks for well known Superbowl winning teams. With football teams paying their winning quarterbacks millions per year, it kind of makes regular people like you and me, wish we could throw a ball through the air for a couple of years.

7. Vice President of the United States. Exactly what does the Vice President of the United States do? Besides making 230,700 dollars a year to act snarky, appear at state dinners and live for free in a house appointed to him, it looks like an easy gig. All you have to do is smile a lot, act like a buffoon, argue defensively in debates, and sit next to the president at major functions.

8. Being Jon Bon Jovi---At last count, Jon Bon Jovi and his band sold an astounding 130 million albums. Almost everyone young and old alike know who Bon Jovi is, have seen him perform live, and think he is a great guy. Jon Bon Jovi makes it look easy to be a rock star, doesn't answer stupid questions, because come on, he's Bon Jovi, why should he?

9. Being an ex president of the United States. Here's one you probably never thought of, being an ex president. Sitting presidents make pretty good jinge---$400,000 a year. But once a president steps down he makes even more money. Look at Bill Clinton for example. He wasn't a millionaire before he was a president. After he served his two four year terms, he became an instant millionaire.Bill Clinton is still one of the most sought after speech makers in the world. He commands hundreds of thousands per speaking gig.Copyright 2013

10. Being a famous person's kid. It doesn't suck being Mick Jagger's, Bono or Bill Clinton's kids. Chelsea Clinton recently bought an apartment in New york City for a staggering 10.5 million dollars. Chelsea doesn't even have a job. What about being born into a wealthy family like Donald Trump's kids---his three adult kids all help run Trump's businesses, with Ivanka having already been a model like her mother.

Sucks to have a highly over paid job now doesn't it?

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