Sunday, December 6, 2009

Famous Celebrity Break ups by Kate Johns

Celebrity relationships--- if anything can be said they certainly keep us entertained with their romantic entanglements. From the days of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton getting married, getting divorced and then repeating the process every few years, there are several high profile celebrity couples that keep repeating the let's get married, then divorced process. Some celebs just thrash about in a public arena, allowing us to see how ridiculous they really are:


American actress, Lindsay Lohan has been a train wreck the last couple of years without a successful box office movie, and having her father Michael telling the media about her private life. Lindsay hooked up with DJ Samantha Ronson in 2008. The pair were seen at high profile L. A. clubs together being very friendly. They would spilt up and then facebook and tweet each other gushy gross sayings of how much they loved each other. Lindsay and Sam flip flopped back and forth so many times it was kind of like watching a tennis match. At this point in time they have broken up, but who knows if it will last.


A major notorious on again off again relationship was between singer John Mayer and actress Jennifer Aniston. The pair was seen kissing romantically in 2008. Then they called it splitsville in August of 2008 according to Several months later they went to the Oscar Awards together, and then called it quits in March.
Next we saw the couple had hooked up for a one- nightstand, at a four Season Hotel, with the duo photographed publicly leaving the Hotel. We even found out that John and Jennifer were texting each other like mad. Next we heard they were off again, and denied rumors of being an official couple. But according to, they had a sleepover at New York City's Bowery Hotel, after breaking up. Of course we can add all the other dalliances John Mayer has engaged in---recently with Taylor Swift,who wrote a nasty song about him.


Titanic star, Leonardo Di Caprio is famous with the ladies, as he has been a ladies man for many years now. He has dated Bar Rafaeli, Helena Christensen, Amber Valetta, and a score of famous super models. His most famous tryst was with Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen. They were an on again, off again twosome for five years. . Leo is something of a flirt. When he would be out on a date with the gorgeous, super sexy Gisele, he would walk away and dance with another model, or wander away to flirt with another gorgeous woman. That didn't sit well with Gisele, and she would walk out on him, leaving him in the dust.
Leo would apologize and they would get back together. But. I guess he flirted one too many times, because Gisele dumped him and married Quarterback, Tom Brady.


Okay, let's see how many times did actress, Pamela Anderson, and drummer, Tommy Lee, end their relationship, and get back together? This is the couple that made that famous sex tape in 1998 and got divorced the same year. The pair had two sons together that are now in their teens. Pam and Tom most recently got back together in 2008, but called it splitsville soon after.


Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush went together for a while and then broke, up. Kim fell head over heals for the star running back of the New Orleans Saints in a big way. She said she would play it cool, but they ended up in bed after seeing each on their first get back date. Kim and Reggie went on several dates, and did what we all thought they would do---they broke up. This was all handled in a public arena on two of their reality TV shows, while Khloe got married, and Kourtney got pregnant. If you are confused, I only saw four episodes in the ER while waiting for a doctor to look at the fish bone stuck in my throat.

Celebrity couples, they mystify us with their Hollywood breakups, leaving major tabloid fodder, and broken hearts behind.

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