Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pamela Anderson biography by Kate Johns

Pamela Anderson came into this world a star attraction, and she has been a star ever since. Pamela Anderson is no shrinking violet; she dresses like a woman determined to grab the spotlight, and lives her life with no regrets or apologies.

Pam’s millionaire life story follows:

Pam became Canada’s first Centennial Baby when she was born on July 01, 1967, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Pam was discovered after being spotted in a Vancouver football game crowd when she stood up to cheer for her team. Pam was wearing a Labatt’s beer t-shirt, and she was given center stage as her image was cast onto the Jumbotron for all to see.
The Labatt’s people liked what they saw and hired her to be their spokes model.

It was only a matter of time from there that Pam went on to major stardom.
She posed for Playboy magazine, and became  one of the most popular Playboy models ever, with a celebrated five covers; a feat no other woman has accomplished.
In 1991 Anderson got her first shot at fame, by portraying “Lisa The Tool Time Girl”, on the ABC hit TV series, “Home Improvement.”
Major success came only a year later for Anderson when she starred as C.J. Parker, a sun kissed goddess of mere mortals on the TV hit show, “Baywatch.”
Anderson starred in the two hit series at the same time until 1997.
Anderson got her first film debut in 1992 filming the movie, “The Taking of Beverly Hills.”
Anderson starred in the action flick, “Barb Wire” in 1996.
She married bad boy rocker Tommy Lee, and their 1998 honeymoon sex tape became an Internet sensation.
Soon after Anderson and Lee were divorced.
In 2006, Pam made new headlines by marrying another bad boy rocker, Kid Rock.
In between marriages and several divorces, Pam announced in 2002 that she had contracted the Hepatitis C virus.
The illness did not slow her down, though, she kept working.
She appeared in 2003 in “Scary Movie”
She also appeared on several TV shows, one being, “8 simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter.”

Interesting facts about Pamela Anderson:
Pam had breast enlargement surgery, and then had her breasts reduced in size. Several years later she received breast enlargement surgery again, because she scoffed that she wasn’t getting any work with smaller breasts.
 She married Kid Rock while wearing a white bikini on a yacht in Saint Tropez.
Anderson has married Tommy Lee and divorced him at least two times.
Pam has two children with Tommy Lee, they are both boys.
A one time a millionaire, Pamela Anderson was recently facing bankruptcy. She was living in a seaside trailer in Malibu, facing 1.2 million dollars in unpaid debts.
Pamela Anderson has been a star attraction since her famous Centennial Birth in Vancouver. But she may be more famous now for her troubles, than for her beauty and her acting abilities.Copyright 2009, written by talented writer Kate Johns, who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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