Friday, June 24, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates his marriage to Maria Shriver by Kate Johns

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminated his marriage to Maria Shriver in a big, bad way.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's life story is the stuff movies are made of. Seems whatever Arnold works at, or as some people may see it, whatever Arnold wants, Arnold gets. Arnold Schwarzenegger got away with having an affair with his maid, for about 15 years,right behind his wife Maria Shriver's back.
I am the parent of two, and I believe in raising my children in a moral, ethical manner so that they do not grow up becoming morally corrupt individuals who will do anything for money. Don't get me wrong, having money must be great, but treating people with respect, love and honesty will do more for your reputation than stealing a loaf of bread from the corner store.
I am thoroughly disgusted at Arnold Schwarzenegger's disgusting display of unethical immature, behavior.
REALLY! He had to have an affair with a woman who was the maid? Good God man, get a brain! She was not good looking! His affairess---who has about four or five names---Mildred Baena, reportedly had an affair with Arnold S. about 15 years ago. Was Arnold insane!! She was height impaired, she was not a good looking woman. Hello---why the maid Arnold? Why not have an affair with a woman who is gorgeous, young and has a rocking hot bod?!
I figured it out people---it was the maid's uniform that did it for him. And the fact that Mildred has a rather large set of breasts. (Sad to say, Maria is rather flat chested, and skinny.)
I've raised my children with morals and ethics. I have let them know that if they are going to screw up their lives, do it in a big way, and make millions from the proposition. In other words, people---- make the screw up really, really worth it. Have a great time, go out in a big way, not in a small way, and guys have sex with a woman who has a great body, or is a much younger woman, or have an affair with a woman who is rich and famous.
Are you as disappointed as I am with Arnold's affair conquest? Arnold is the man who was the Governor of California. He was the man who lifted his weight into a world famous career of bodybuilding. Arnold was the man who made millions from acting tough and had a set of rock hard abs while toting a machine gun. Arnold Schwarzenegger had not one, not two but three dominating careers as the man who could have been president of the United States, if only he had not been born in Austria.
What the? What was Arnold thinking?
The former California Governor had four kids with Maria,(John F. Kennedy's niece) and got the maid pregnant?
Arnold Schwarzenegger screwed up his life, and not in the big bad way we expected from him. Arnold must not be the intelligent man of discerning taste we thought he was. He has pulled the Republican veil of politics over our eyes, and made a mockery of his movie life by having an affair with a woman who possibly was his Kindergarten Cop equal. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented writer who began her writing career in 2004 by creating greeting card sayings.

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