Friday, June 10, 2011

Should women wear body-baring bikinis after having babies? by Kate Johns

After having a baby or two, women should not be wearing body-baring bikinis. It's gross. It's disgusting. Do people really need to see those stretch marks, and fat hanging over that bikini bottom? YUCK!!
Looking Gross in a Bikini----
When a woman loses weight, works out, tones up and firms up her baby fat, then yes, wear a bikini in public with your great looking body. But, please do not wear a bikini bathing suit at a public pool when you are overweight and the baby fat hangs out or spills over your bikini. It grosses people out. It makes people think that women, girls, are disgusting displays of unethical status looking for a guy, dude, man to father another offspring.
Celebrities Made Me Do It!
Major well-known celebrities have become our role models. Older teens, young adults and even older women see female stars wearing body-baring, bikinis (think skinny Courtney Cox,and Selena Gomez), and think, "If they can wear tiny bikinis, so can I." Impressionable minds of younger women, and even older women are the bikini clad women people see at every conceivable place. Major celebrities are seen in tiny bikinis at expensive tropical locations doing what they love to do; showing off their toned, tan, fit bodies.
The reason celebrities look great in teeny tiny designer bikinis is because they can afford to have a personal trainer come to their homes creating beautiful celebrity bodies. Celebs, supermodels, like Giselle, Courtney Cox, and Britney Spears have babies, and all look great in tiny bikinis. But they all have the money to throw at an expert to get their bodies in shape. Plus, celebs, and supermodels can afford to have surgery to get rid of fat bulges, and to pump up their breasts, and butts making them look beautiful.
Pregnancy and Babies are Career Boosters
Celebs and super models wander around in designer bikinis showing off their baby bumps to do something regular people don't get a chance to do. Celebs and supermodels are trying to get publicity to pump up their careers. Being a pregnant celeb right now is a major career boost. Having kids is a great publicity stunt. Celebs showing off their kids, makes them look less selfish enabling them to regular folks like you and me. Celebrities are show offs to begin with. Super models, pop singers all want something. Besides becoming rich people, celebrities want attention. That's why celebs become celebs.
Didn't Madonna wander around in a bikini when she was pregnant, numerous years ago? Now that Kim Kardashian is rumored to be pregnant, I'm sure that she will wander around private , expensive beaches doing what she does best; show off her big butt. What did you think I was going to say?
All we regular people need to see is Lindsay Lohan wandering around with a huge baby bump showing her body to the world. Wait a minute, hasn't she done that already? Copyright 2011, written by talented writer Kate Johns who began her writing career by creating greeting card sayings in 2004!

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