Monday, June 13, 2011

Hillary Clinton's advice to Weiner's wife, Huma, by Kate Johns

Hillary Clinton is giving marriage advice to Congressman Weiner's wife.
Perusing the Internet the other day, I scanned a news story of how Hillary Clinton is giving advice to Huma Aberdin. I'll just quickly recap for you: New York Congressman Anthony Weiner exposed himself in pictures, text messages and sexts to young women. He is married to Huma Aberdin, who is a top aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Hillary is married to Bill Clinton who had one confirmed, possibly numerous affairs or sexual fun time with women he was not married to ,while married to Hillary.
Currently from what is being said, gossiped about, or whom you believe, Hillary is giving advice to Huma. People are also saying that Huma and Hillary are having an affair. (Could be, but do bloggers need the publicity that much to start those kind of rumors?)
Can you imagine the advice Hillary would be offering Huma? Hillary has been through it all with her husband. Any non-power hungry female would not have stayed with Bill Clinton.
What could Hillary say to her closest Washington aide that could possibly help? How about something like this:
1. "Don't divorce him. Wait until he makes millions, until you make your final decision. That way, you can get half of what he has, not half of what he owes."
2, "Turn the negative publicity into positive rewards. Use the media as I have in the past."
3. "Whatever you do, Huma, deflect, it is not your fault or Anthony's fault. It is always someone else's fault." The blame lies in how stressed he was during his tenure in public office."
4. "Write a book after the baby is born, detailing the scandal and how it affected you and the baby."
5. "Use this publicity to highlight your strengths. You will be seen as a strong, but effective woman, and a loving, determined, supportive wife."
My advice to Anthony Weiner's wife: Get a divorce now. Congressman Weiner is a lying, cheating man-boy. Get out while you can. Keep your job, and write a book about the experience. Might as well cash out on Weiner's lying, cheating heart now, getting major retribution, becoming a celebrity of your own, Girlfriend.Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns a talented freelance writer who began her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

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