Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thoughts on Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher Divorce by Kate Johns

I have to say something about the Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore breakup.
I'm disgusted.

How's that for an opinion? Makes you think they only got married for the publicity, now doesn't it?
Demi Moore has been married three times, her longest lasting married so far to Bruce Willis. Marriage to Demi, only lasted six years for Ashton Kutcher.

This leads to regular people like you and I who are not millionaires, who work hard for our money, yes so hard for it honey, that big name stars only get married in the first place to further their careers. We regular, non-millionaire types work  hard, and can really only afford to get married once, perhaps twice. We can't afford to cavort around famous night clubs partying the night away. We can't afford to de-stress from our horrid lives of non-work by lying about a beach while a staff of  many waits on our every whim.
Nope. And that's why I am so disgusted with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They got married for the publicity. She was  born in 1962, which means she is 49. and he was born in 1978, meaning he is much younger than she is. What is the age difference, about 16 years?
When they got married six entire years ago, many people were saying she was a cougar, taking in a younger man to prove herself still young, beautiful and full of magical potions stunning a young stud like Ashton.
But what really disgusts me is that this keeps happening. Hollywood types keep getting married, and get divorced in, oh let's say 72 days. Why do they get married at all? Why don't they just stay single and live together? This way, there is no division of assets. Wait a minute, if they just live together won't that mean less publicity?
To become a big name star you have to be willing to go the distance. You have to live life out on the edge. You have to live life like there's no tomorrow.In other words, you have to party like it's 1999. You must see and be seen---that's how a star keeps up the image, connections, and the publicity hounds at bay.
Can't the publicity seeking Hollywood types do something else to get publicity, creating good promotional campaigns besides getting married? How about starting a new business? How about volunteering to create better lives for non-rich types? Why can't their publicity people think of another way to get major publicity for their stars, besides getting hitched, and then summarily divorced?

Maybe wealthy Hollywood types could start out doing Lady Gaga dressing in odd outfits, with strange haircuts, or posing naked in some major magazine.

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