Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sixteen Famous Blonde Women by Kate Johns

Who are the most famous women in the world? Many times the most famous women are blondes.
That's why so many millions of women dye their hair blonde every year. Because they are secretly jealous that blonde women get noticed more than other women!

Some of the many famous blonde millionaire women are:

1. Marilyn Monroe-believe it or not, she had a very high Mensa -like IQ of 140!
2. Madonna---she's worth about 350 million right now.
3.Lady Gaga
4. Country singer Faith Hill who is married to the very good looking, talented Tim Mc Graw.
5. Taylor Swift who's first chart busting hit was---"Tim Mc Graw."
6.Paris Hilton may have been born an heiress, but she made millions the old fashioned way---publicity!
7. Lindsay Lohan who is currently blonde, but that may change tomorrow. She was an extremely talented young actress, who lost it, and is making a comeback starring as a non-blonde, Elizabeth Taylor.
8. Incredibly beautiful, classy actress from the 1950' s Grace Kelly was a blonde.
9. Pamela Anderson is famous for her famous body, and guess what she is a blonde.
10. Christie Brinkley---Perhaps one of the most famous millionaire, supermodels ever. And guess what she is  blonde, as is another supermodel---Cheryl Tiegs.
11. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer who starred in Scarface.
12. Britney Spears may have lost it the in the early 2,000's but she's back on top amassing more millions.
13. Famous singer Carrie Underwood won American Idol, and has taken country music to new heights , and she just happens to be blonde.
14. Kelly Pickler sadly, did not win American Idol, but she walked off the show saying she was going to become a rich and famous singer, which she has.
15. Famous actress, Reese Witherspoon is a  blonde that starred as an unintelligent blonde, in her "Legally Blonde" movies.
16. Dolly Parton who is as famous for her country singing, as she is for her large breasts, is also Miley Cyrus's Godmother. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a talented writer, who began her freelance career creating greeting cards in 2004.

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