Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mariah Carey added as newest judge on American Idol by Kate Johns

Mariah Carey has been officially added as the newest judge to season 12, the year of 2013's judge lineup.

When American Idol added Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez to the judge panel two years ago, I thought they were just looking for the shock factor to raise sagging ratings. Well now, I am literally begging for Simon Cowel and Paula Abdul to be placed back in the A. I. judges seats.
Mariah Carey can sing---that's no doubt. But she is a DIVA through and through. I can't see her lasting more than one season!!
I can however see ten lackeys added to American Idol's workforce to do all of Mrs. Cannon's bidding.Let's face it people, Mariah has become a major pain in the butt!! She is a diva who wants it all her way.

REALLY---Mariah Carey?

They must be paying out major millions for Mariah to sit for hours on end, working for several hours a day, essentially saying, "That was great Sweetie."
Obviously American Idol is going for the throat, trying to pump up the ratings. Last season was rather ho-hum, okay boring. A. I.'s ratings went down to reflect this.
With Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler both leaving A.I. a major star had to be put on the judge's panel. With Mariah a member of Randy's stable of singers, that he produces, well who else would they get?
Perhaps more men will tune in to take a look at Mariah's large breasts, and long curvy legs. Maybe that is exactly what A. I. is looking for- to get more men tuning in to the show, instead of teenage girls looking for a new young male singer to adore!
Little did I know American Idol would top themselves in the race for ratings by forcing people to watch anything else on TV, because they brought the attention getting Ho, Nicky Minaj on for the 2013 season too!

At this point, I'd rather they bring in previous, but extremely talented American Idol singers to liven up the show such as Adam Lambert , or Kelly Pickler! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, a talented writer who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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