Monday, February 27, 2012

Did Jennifer Lopez have a wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars? by Kate Johns

What's everybody talking about this morning? The Oscar's that's what! When Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez walked out onto the massive stage, they both were looking Curvalicious in their stunningly beautiful white dresses. But, did you notice that Jennifer Lopez's dress was showing a bit too much of her curves?

She had some nipple showing. It was there in plain view. Hello----Jennifer Lopez had a major wardrobe malfunction in front of millions of people.

Her dress was absolutely beautiful! Jennifer and Cameron looked gorgeous in their long, shimmering white Academy Award gowns, but Jennifer was going for shock value once again. Her long beautiful, white dress was stunning, yes. Her breasts were in full view, as her white dress formed a V in front. But the V  slid over just a little too much. My husband and I looked shocked at each other, as my husband yelled, "Wardrobe malfunction!"
He then held his hand up, and tried to move her dress over a smidgen so that Jennifer's nipple was not showing.

Was this an intentional play on J. Lo's part to gain more attention?
Most probably. Jennifer may be a millionaire many times over, but she still wants to shine in the glow of light cast upon her.
She wanted everyone to look at her,even if if that meant showing more cleavage the stunning Cameron Diaz was. Jennifer may be in her 40's, but she's still got it going on.
So, why not slip some nipple in there, to get that attention, thus selling more CD's, cologne, clothing, and gain more worldwide recognition? Besides, Jennifer's looking for husband number four, isn't she?

After that nipple slip up, hardly anyone was looking at Cameron Diaz, we were all looking at Jennifer's wardrobe malfunction! Cameron Diaz who? Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, who started her writing career in 2004 creating greeting card greetings.

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