Friday, February 3, 2012

Why are we so interested in celebrities lives? by Kate Johns

We are bombarded with celebrity news every day. And in reality it is not news at all. Entertainment  Tonight was the first American TV show that covered what happened in celebrities lives before any other TV show appeared on the scene. Now today there are numerous TV shows, showcasing celebrities and all that they do, wear, talk about, how they act, how they look and where they went on vacation. And why do we care?

Well after thinking about this major life threatening dilemma for two minutes, one reason we are so interested in celebrities lives is because there are so many reality TV shows, celebrity shows, news stations, magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites basically throwing celebrity non-news into our faces every waking moment of our lives. Do we really need to know that Kim Kardashian changed her hairstyle? And that she did so, while wearing a red bra, and Tweeted the pictures of her large breasts on Twitter for the world to see.

Another fact of life is that we have so many social networking sites today, that anything a celebrity does can infatuate us into following their every movement. I thought following people was at one time called stalking?

We are so interested in celebrities lives because celebrities are living very public lives today. They are everywhere, and there are so many of them. There aren't just 25 major stars anymore like there were in the 1940's and 1950's, there are literally thousands. And with the advent of popular reality TV shows, people who were never meant to be stars, such as Snooki, are followed and mimicked by younger and older female fans.

We are so interested in celebrities lives because we either openly or secretly want to be pampered millionaires who live lives of excess and beauty. Who wouldn't want to have someone do all of that dull housework for them? Who wouldn't want to vacation in warm, sunny locales , partying the night as well as the day away? It sure beats working for a living, slaving away at a boring job where you make a certain amount an hour, a day or a year. Almost everyone wants to have a better life.

That's why we are so interested in celebrities lives, because they seemingly have it all. It's just like the saying that says, "Money doesn't bring happiness." Okay, then why do so many celebrities look so incredibly happy? Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer since 2004.

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