Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Celebrities we love to hate by Kate Johns

Celebrities we love to hate.
After seeing some major celebrities having public meltdowns, or acting like stupid fools in public I thought "I really strongly dislike that woman."
It's strange how you can hate a celebrity so much you feel the need to start a Facebook page about her or him that is not exactly a fan Facebook page.

Ten celebrities we love to hate:

1. Topping celebrities we love to hate has to be Madonna. Madonna is so wealthy she could buy a small country.  But in reality she is so cheap she will not help her homeless brother, or pay for her relatives airfare to come visit her in England. I read her brother Christopher's biography about her, and he dished on what Madonna is really like.

2.Supermodel Gisele Bunchden, aka Mrs. Brady makes more money than her husband by modeling and personally I'd like to know why. She is not pretty, has no major curves. In fact Gisele is rather skinny, and recently she begged for all of Tom Brady's friends and relatives to pray and send good thoughts so he wins the Super bowl, because he needs this win.

3.Love him or hate him, Steven Tyler is here to stay. Since joining the cast of American Idol, Steven Tyler has been everywhere. We adored Aerosmith in the 1970's, but Steven's constant quips about women and bad singing vibes, are too much to handle. I liked Steven better when we saw and heard less from the master front man.

4.Miley Cyrus always struck me as being just a bit too obnoxious for her own good. When she starred in Disney's Hannah Montana I had to leave the room, to get away from her nasal voice. Doesn't it bother anyone that she really can not sing?

5.Naomi Campbell has been modeling for years and she has been beating up her staff of hired helpers for nearly as long. Naomi Supermodel  Campbell was born in 1970, is beautiful outside, but not inside, and is a celebrity that definitely belongs on this celebrities we love to hate list.

6. Would a celebrities we love to hate list be complete if Simon Cowell were not on it? Simon Cowell says what he feels, and feels what he says, and that is what a judge of talent is supposed to do. Many millions of people strongly dislike Simon Cowell. But if that's the case, then why do we watch American Idol?

7. Here's one that might surprise you----Conan O' Brien. I have watched his talk show and found him to be lacking in funny jokes. He just seemed obnoxious, like a little kid, making little kid fart jokes, in a big ugly guy's body. That's why I put him on my celebrities we love to hate list.

8. Demi Moore has made my celebrities we love to hate list because she married a guy 25 years younger than herself, she does drugs and is trying desperately to still look and act young. You're almost 50 Demi, it's time to act your age. Besides the woman admitted on David Letterman's talk show that she uses leaches on her skin to purify her blood. Crazy celebrity alert!!!

9. Is it just me or does Hugh Hefner creep you out? Doesn't anyone think it is gross, creepy, weird  that a man who is about 80 is sleeping with big breasted blondes so that they can become playmates of the year? Yuckkkk!

10. Chelsea Handler. When she first arrived on TV, she was funny. Not anymore. Her routine has become ultra dull. Besides the comedians that appear on her show are funnier than her. Who gave Chelsea Handler this show and why is she a millionaire?

There are more celebrities we love to hate, admit it, but this is only a top ten list. Maybe I'll create another celebrities we love to hate list in a few months including Kate Moss, Ashton Kutcher, and Bob Geldorf. Copyright 2012, written by freelance writer Kate Johns, who started her career creating greeting cards in 2004.

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