Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't bother watching Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages movie, by Kate Johns

Did anyone happen to catch the new Tom Cruise movie, Rock of Ages while it is still in movie theaters? Critics are calling it Flop of Ages, because it is so bad. In it's debut night, Rock only raked in 5.3 million dollars, not enough to cover Cruise's salary.

I did not slam down my hard earned money to go to see Rock of Ages in a theater, nor will I,  choosing instead to wait till it reaches DVD. Which should be very shortly! From what I saw of the nine million plus ads that started about a year before its release Rock of Ages looks horrible. It looks like a rip off of just about every other rock and roll movie ever made, except for the good ones, like the comedy--"Spinal Tap."

Besides the fact that I went to about 200 concerts in the 1980's , and do not really want to see a fake imitator doing his worst to rip off what I loved back in the 1980's. Do we really need yet another 1980's music quest? Can't we kick it up a notch making movies about more recent music for people that can afford to plunk down mom and dad's money on musical movies and concerts? I'm talking teens, and tweens, here!

Rock of Ages is a musical movie of bad '80's music. Who really wants to see Tom Cruise acting like he is a rock star, really singing bad '80's songs? Who really wants to see Tom Cruise do anything but run around looking like the rock star of action adventure movies? Cruise isn't meant to stand in front of an audience singing anything. It's not his genre. It looks fake! He looks idiotic. When i saw the ads, I couldn' t help but laugh, because 48 year old Tom Cruise looks ridiculous posing as a rock star called Jaxx---a long haired rock star from the 1980's.

This is a movie I will definitely rent to watch, but not shell out major bucks to buy or watch in a pricey theater where popcorn goes for more money than they spent on Cruise's rock star makeup!!

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Cody Moore said...

all i have to say is don't knock it till you try it. i enjoyed the movie a lot. it was funny and the music was very enjoyable. it really makes me laugh at the fact that tom normally plays a boy scout type character but he can pull off a rock god character well too! i'm a 16 year old boy and i found it to be an inspiring story that i can relate to as a musician.