Monday, May 21, 2012

Miley Cyrus is dressing Slutty by Kate Johns

Seems Miley Cyrus has completely lost her mind, marbles, any sense of taste, decorum, whatever you want to call  it. She is desperately seeking attention by dressing all slutty.
Recently Miley Cyrus appeared at the Billboard Awards without any pants on. She was wearing a long white jacket, revealing plenty of cleavage. But she had no pants on. Simply put---this no pants look, looked so very wrong on Miley on so many levels. She is only 19. She is not a 45 year old actress, who has the body of Pamela Anderson. Miley is too young, and too skinny to pull this look off.

She basically looked slutty, not smart and sensible. Miley also looked like she was trying to get attention any way she could. Her hair was hacked off, making her look wat too old for her age.

I completely understand Miley is trying to move away from her more innocent child star image. But, give me a break! Does that mean she has to appear naked in public to grab attention? She is already a millionaire many times over. She was at one time adored by young children and had millions of pre-teens buying her line of clothing, accessories, lunch boxes, pillows, etc. But, if Miley wants to show how grown up she is, it is time to put down the crack pipe, and get real!
Miley needs to move forward in a more mature manner by making movies for young adults, not for 40 year old housewives. She needs to sing songs meant for an older audience.
Really when you think about it, when she quit her show, it seemed that Disney wanted to keep her show going until the end of time. Maybe Miley was bored beyond belief doing the show, but she should have stuck with it for a few more years, as her core audience grew older along with her.

Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a talented freelance writer, who began her career creating greeting cards in 2004.

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