Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jennifer Lopez leaving American Idol by Kate Johns

The big news is that Jennifer Lopez may be leaving American Idol. Sources close to A. I. say they adore her. Me personally I could care less, but I also am seriously jealous that she makes millions to sit there saying; "Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry." If you paid me 20 million dollars to sit there looking all awesome, with beautiful see through clothing on, I'd say anything you wanted me to.

This is another what came first the chicken or the egg moment.Why? Because Jennifer Lopez says she is just too busy to do American Idol next year. What I'm seeing is she is turning her back on the highly rated TV show that helped relaunch her career.

Here is the explanation:

Before J. Lo appeared on A.I. her career was lagging. Now that she has been on A. I. for two seasons she has made 65 million dollars in one year. According to Forbes magazine's most powerful celebrity list, Jennifer Lopez gained the top earning spot with her mega millions.

J. Lo will be turning her back on A. I. , when American Idol helped her breathe life back into her lackluster career. She was not slated for any new movies, records, colognes, or anything that we know of until she started on American Idol. Appearing on A. I. she has been given a new chance at high earnings, (First year with A. I. she was paid 12 million, second year 20 million) because American Idol has been promoting the show like crazy and her marketing team has obviously been working with A. I. to promote J. Lo.
She is appearing in a new movie called, "What to Expect When You're Expecting."
J. Lo has a new record out and will be touring and promoting it this summer and this fall. She has yet another new cologne out, a new clothing line with Kohl's and has been appearing in car ads, shown on American Idol. She has also been dancing on American Idol----in 2011 with her then husband Marc Anthony. She recently sang and danced on A. I. for her newest release from her new record.

Yes, J. Lo is super busy making mega millions, but without American Idol her career relaunch would not have happened.

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