Thursday, May 17, 2012

Queen of Disco, Donna Summer dies of cancer by Kate Johns

The Queen of Disco died on May 17, 2012, when Donna Summer, succumbed to a battle with cancer. Summer died at her Key West Florida home, after waging a private battle with lung cancer. As of this writing different sources are telling different stories, such as Donna Summer had lung cancer, she had an unknown cancer and another source also stated that summer herself said she contracted lung cancer after breathing in the heavily polluted air right after 911 occurred, in New York City.

At this point, all we really do know is that Summer and her family wanted to keep her battle with cancer quiet so that she could live out her remaining days in peace, not being bothered by the media. We really do not know exactly what kind of cancer it was, and if she had battled it for a long time.

Donna Summer was 63 when she died, having been born on December 31, 1948. Her real name was La Donna Adrian Gaines, creating the name Donna Summer for herself later on when she started her music career. Summer sang backup for other bands, including Three Dog Night and in 1975 wrote the sultry song herself, "Love to Love You Baby" which became her first top ten hit. Love to love You Baby was released as a single, striking number two on the Billboard charts in 1976. Love to Love You Baby also was released as a 17 minute long single, which gained major popularity in discos across the world in the 1970's.

Summer had 11 top ten hits altogether, winning five Grammy Awards. Donna Summer was still performing her hit disco songs into the 2,000's, which included; "I Feel Love" "She Works Hard For The Money" and "Bad Girls." Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, who began her freelance writing career creating greeting cards in 2004.

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