Thursday, June 14, 2012

Madonna desperately seeking attention by Kate Johns

How much attention does Madonna need? Recently while on her latest, biggest tour Madonna exposed her breast on stage---in public, in Istanbul. I thought it was a desperate plea from an older woman who desperately is seeking attention.

Nope, Madonna was not seeking Susan, as in her 1980's movie, "Desperately Seeking Susan", where Madonna was typecast in  a movie as a selfish, low life, homeless, vagabond. When a wealthy woman of 54 pulls down her attachable bra on stage in front of thousands, that says "I am desperate for attention!"  Besides, if a regular woman of 54 walked down, let's say an average suburban  street exposing one ultra white, super small breast, people would either think she's crazy, ignore her or call 911!

What it really comes down to is Madonna conceived an idea, or someone else thought of an idea to grab attention for Madonna's recent tour. Madonna---being the egocentric, millionaire that she is, probably figured she needed to top all those young singing sensations like Nicky Minaj, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. I'm quite certain Madonna and her dresser or promotions person brainstormed ideas of how can we get more attention in two seconds than singer M. I. A. did at the Superbowl? During Madonna's performance---no less, extending her middle finger gaining major free publicity.

Madonna did the next best thing she had a bra made with detachable bra material. So, she exposed her breast on stage in Istanbul? So, when you really come down to it, who cares?
Does Madonna's act of sheer selfishness make her a better performer? Does this mean the next female, or male star singer will have to do something even more startling to gain worldwide attention?
Does this mean Madonna will make more money from her display of nipple? From what I saw, it was all pixelized out, and I for one could not see much, except ultra white skin glimmering off a much too white star, who looks like she needs to eat a sandwich.
Yes, an ageing Madonna is desperately seeking attention, by performing her nipple-breast exposing performance.Catty as it sounds, looks like Madonna doesn't have very much in the breast department to show off in the first place! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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