Sunday, November 21, 2010

Celebrities born in New Jersey that stayed in New Jersey by Kate Johns

Here are seven  famous celebrities born in New Jersey that stayed in New Jersey:

Jon Bon Jovi lives in Sayreville.
Bon Jovi is a huge music artist success. Starting out in the early '80s as a singer/songwriter, Bon Jovi's tunes have climbed the hit-making charts numerous times, selling millions upon millions of records(currently just over 130 million). Besides crossing over into country music, he has appeared in several movies, and Tv shows like, Ally Mc Beal and Sex in the City.

Bruce Springsteen, Long Branch.
Bruce was not only Born in the USA, but he was born in New Jersey. Bruce, according to Rolling Stone magazine, is the "average man's hero" and has amassed a small fortune selling millions of heart-rending songs about regular people.

Meryl Streep was born in Summit.
Streep recently won an Academy Award for her starring role for "The Iron Lady" and  starred in "The Devil Wears Prada." According to IMDb, Streep is perhaps "the greatest living film actress to have been nominated for the Academy Award 17 times, and she won twice."(Now three times.)

Whitney Houston was born in East Orange, New Jersey.
Houston became a singing diva in the 1990's. She famously married singer Bobby Brown, and divorced Brown in 2007. Her debut record, "Whitney Houston," according to IMDb, was the biggest selling debut record in history, selling over 13 million copies in 1985. Houston died February 11, 2012, the night before the Grammy Awards Show.

Famous actor Jack Nicholson was born in Neptune City.
He is often seen courtside cheering on his favorite basketball team, the L.A. Lakers. Perhaps best known for his crazy caretaker role in "The Shining," he has starred in many movies, including "Batman" as The Joker and started his acting career in the late '50s. Recently, he starred in "The Bucket List."

No one can forget,(New York, New York), Frank Sinatra, who was an only child born in Hoboken.
He became a best-selling recording artist, selling millions of records every year in the 1940s. Frank was a founding member of the now famous 1960s "Rat Pack," and starred in many movies, one of which, as the character Maggio, in 1953's "From Here to Eternity."
Lauryn Hill, hip-hop artist, was born in South Orange.

She has led a successful hip-hop recording career, with her 1998 album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," having, according to Essortment, "the highest first week sales of any album by a female artist in history." In 1999, Hill won five Grammys for her album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". Hill has also had several acting roles, appearing in the soap opera "As the World Turns" with a recurring role. She also appeared in the movie "Sister Act Two: Back in the Habit." Copyright 2010, written by Kate Johns, a talented writer who began her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

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