Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drew Brees Is A Real Man by Kate Johns

Brees was the underdog going into New Orleans and helped this underdog city do the almost impossible; win the Super bowl against the favored Indianapolis Colts.
When Brees was looking for a new team to sign with in 2006, he needed a team that believed in him and that he could believe in. The San Diego Chargers were leaving Brees to dangle in the wind, while he recovered from shoulder surgery. San Diego wanted to resign the starting quarterback, but only as a backup QB for less money than he was currently earning. It seemed that the Chargers didn’t believe in Brees. So he needed a team that did.
That’s where the New Orleans Saints came in offering him a 60 million dollar contract over six years, with 10 million guaranteed in the first year. When Brees went to New Orleans and looked around the hurricane- ravaged city that reeked of desperation Brees was hit with a feeling that this city needed him, as much as he needed them. His shoulder was on the mend, so too was the city of New Orleans. Brees knew that he needed a big chance to prove himself, as did the Big Easy.
Brees decided to sign with New Orleans and he did what came naturally to him; he put his body, heart and soul into leading the team. He gave corny, heartfelt speeches to the team, and he gave the team the inspiration it needed to go to the Super bowl and win.
Brees was the quarterback that was not handed the golden scholarship, and he had to work hard to prove himself. Brees is the kind of guy who is approachable, intelligent, down to earth, and works as hard as his teammates even if that means working until his entire body aches.
Brees is the quarterback that teammates and fans thought would be broken into two, when he played for Purdue, because he is not a prototypical quarterback. He is a thin guy, who comes in just shy of six feet. Brees is the kind of quarterback that doesn’t just play the game and go home to his mansion to soak in a bathtub of champagne. Brees is a true perfectionist that was raised by his family to never give up, and to always love the sport of football. copyright 2010, written by Kate Johns,m a talented writer who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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