Monday, November 22, 2010

Leann Rimes: Young singing sensation to recent tabloid fodder by Kate Johns

Leann Rimes is a country superstar singing sensation who started singing at the tender age of just two, becoming a major force to reckon with early on. Just as a young Taylor Swift drove her country music career. But in comparision Leann Rimes has become something of tabloid fodder in recent years.
* Rimes was born on Aug. 28, 1982, in Jackson, Mississippi.
* At the tender age of 5, Rimes won her first dancing and singing talent competition. The song she sang was "Getting to Know You."
* Rimes was discovered by local disc jockey, Bill Mack, while she was singing the national anthem at a Dallas Cowboys football game.
* Mack asked her to sing the song "Blue" that he had originally written for famous country singer Patsy Cline. Cline had been killed in an airplane crash in Tennessee in 1963 and never got the chance to record the magical song Mack had written.
* By age 11, Rimes recorded her first album, "All That," with an independent label.
* "All That" caught the attention of executives at Curb Records, and at age 14, Rimes had a hit song on her hands with Blue, selling 8 million copies.
* When Leanne was only 14, she won her first Grammy in 1996 for Best New Artist.
* Rimes won a Grammy in 1996 for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.
* She credits singer Janis Joplin as being her biggest musical influence.
*She made an appearance in the bar strutting movie "Coyote Ugly."
* Rimes sued her father for $7 million that she said he had stolen from her.
* At 16, she sued her record label for the release of an album of outtakes that she had deemed substandard.
* Rimes married Dean Sheremet, one of her backup dancers, in 2002.
* The song "How Do I Live" spent a record-breaking 69 weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Chart.
* Rimes announced on her web site in 2009 that she was divorcing her husband, due to falling for co-star Eddie Cibrian in her Lifetime movie "Northern Lights."
*Rimes became engaged to Eddie, defending her turbulent love life in the media. Copyright 2010, written by Kate Johns, a talented author who started her career creating greeting card sayings in 2004.

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