Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reasons Why Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise Got Divorced by Kate Johns

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are superstar actors that at the time they were married, lived under a microscope for many years. People the world over were spreading horrid rumors about both Cruise and Kidman the entire time they were married. It was like the entire world was very jealous of their celebrity attraction and did not want to see them happy.
Cruise and Kidman became very unhappy being married because they were living under a microscope. Tom Cruise was fighting rumors during their nine year marriage that he was gay. Nicole Kidman was also fighting those same rumors about herself.
When you come down to it how does any couple whether they are famous or not live life under a microscope? Is it any wonder the marriage lasted as long as it did? With people following the dynamic duo everywhere they ventured, the couple had not a spec of privacy. Living a life in the public eye is hard enough, but when people are trying to tear you down emotionally and physically that has to be wearing on your life. They were constantly fighting public battles, that probably dug under their collective skin and set the two apart. Many a fight may have wrecked their nine year marriage, concerning the rumor mill.
While Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were married for nine years, he made several blockbuster movies making him a major star force to be reckoned with. At the same time, kidman was seeing her star rising. They adopted several children along the way. Kidman had what she recently revealed to be two miscarriages while Kidman and Cruise were married.

Many reasons were involved for the divorce of Kidman and Cruise in 2001. He was a Scientologist, and she was not. She changed her religion and world views to marry Cruise. She was from Australia. He was from America. Maybe she wanted to live in Australia and he didn't. We will never know what really made this famous pairing of celebrities unravel. The differences of this famous couple may have been too great, and quite possibly that is why they divorced years ago.
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were too busy with their careers to devote as much time as they would have liked to making their marriage work. Along with the pressures from the outside world, living under a microscope, and being strong willed people from different worlds, that is why Kidman and Cruise divorced in 2001.Copyright 2010, written by Kate Johns, a talented writer who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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