Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why sports athletes Make Too much money! by Kate Johns

We regular people have to be young, single and living with Mommy and Daddy, to be able to afford to go to a sports game. Or we have to put another mortgage on the house to afford to pay for parking our vehicle, buying two tickets, purchasing a bucket of popcorn and several high priced drinks. It's too expensive.
Even though many sporting teams have built new stadiums, arena and venues to watch their sports team playing the game of a lifetime, sports athletes are being paid too much money. Is it normal for a great shooter of a basketball to get paid 100 million dollars for five years of work? Do your get paid that kind of money for doing a great job at work?
Oh sure, we can all say, their careers don't last that long and sports athletes only have so many years to play the game before they a re forced to retire.
What it comes down to, is we are allowing our sports athletes to be paid way too much for doing, yes their jobs. We need to put a stop to it! Maybe it's time, we fans stopped going to games until they lower the ticket prices. We are after all paying the overpaid, overpriced athelete's salary with our ticket, and t-shirt prices.
Why should we pay 20 dollars to park our cars in a lot for three hours to watch highly paid jocks do their jobs? A sports athelete does not deserve to paid millions upon millions of dollars a year to do his job. The payment scale has gotten way out of control. At first ten million a year, was a shocker. Then, 25 million a year sounded astronomical. What's next-2 billion a year?
Sports guys should be paid less money. The perfect example is Tiger Woods. He became a billionaire after several years of high pay and major endorsements. He lost it, and could not handle being in a tax bracket that does not exist for anyone but a few people in the world. He was paid too much for his job, and should never have received billions of dollars for doing his job.
I think my husband does the best job ever in his field, but he doesn't make billions of dollars a year. So why should an athlete who does not have a college education get paid millions or billions of dollars a year to perform magic tricks in front of adoring fans? Could another person do that same job, just as well for less money. Probably so, if he received the chance, the proper training and the adoring support.
Sports athletes do not deserve to be paid so much money because when you come down to it, they are people just like you and me. The only difference is they have been training to do one thing since birth, and gave up many things to get where they are, but still do not deserve to make billions of dollars a year.Copyright 2012, written by talented writer Kate Johns, who has been writing professionally since 2004!

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Andy said...

Tiger woods has an education from Stanford, most college football players go to college and finish. Do the old greedy owners deserve all that extra money that will taken away from the players? The salaries of players are determined by the revenue generated from ticket sales. You are right, if people didn't come then it would be hard to pay players the amount they get right now. But I do believe that pro players should get a high salary. It is almost impossible to make it to a pro league (NBA, NFL, NHL, etc), as the odds are better than being hit by lightning than making it pro, no matter how hard you work at it. I enjoyed your article!